lightsaber weathering

  1. Valencross

    Old Republic Inspired Sith Saber

    Hi there, Here is a piece I have been working on recently, posting for fun really. I used a saberforge hilt and pommel and a random emitter I found, half broken, and custom made the shroud. Bit of a mishmash of weathering techniques, was playing around with things. Let me know what you think :)
  2. Valencross

    Saber weathering experiment

    Hi, been making sabers for a little while but new here and haven't posted anything before. Here is some weathering I have been experimenting with, using acid etching. Any feedback welcome. Cheers guys :)
  3. mediocre maker

    First prop

    CV19 allowed for a little extra time to try my hand at a prop lightsaber. Used wooden dowels and threaded rod as the core. Used left over bike and plumbing pieces for the rest. Waiting on Amazon to deliver the final pieces. I’ll update the post when it comes in. Here are a few before and after...

    Screen Accurate Lightsaber Commissions

    APOLLO INDUSTRIES is now open for Screen Accurate Lightsaber commissions! I do a lot of V2’s but if you have any other saber you want custom painted, weathered or assembled in accurate orientation, I do that as well. PM, or email me about the project you would like to have done. I’ve been doing...