NOSTROMO-ish bottle cap laser pistol


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Hi all!
I've had stuff had accreting in my "for later" boxes again, and I decided to take some bottle caps to good use. Together with the frame of a cheap airsoft H+K SOCOM gun (I like the large trigger guard that would accommodate a heavy glove) and an even cheaper defunct laser pointer, I've cobbled together something in the vein of the EVA pistols from "Alien".
Though I stupidly didn't take any pictures during the build, I will do so when I start another version soon.

I like the outcome. It's "close, but no cigar", but it looks like what an in-universe knock off gun might look like. There is still lettering to do and a lot of dirtying down, so I'll be posting some more pictures shortly.
Regarding the "naming" of the piece... I don't want to go with NOSTROMO, because it simply isn't, but what do you people think of SNARK or LEVIATHAN?



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Small update, sort of.

I've decided to go with SNARK, and probably have Broussard (one of the original Dan O'Bannon characters) scribble his name on the side, too.
Moreover, I'll give some colourful stickers a try. Ron Cobb had designed such magnificent signs and warning labels, it would be a waste not to use at least some.
Here's what I have cobbled together. Pun unintended, but now it is.

The yellow and the grey icons mean "high voltage" and "power storage", respectively. I intend to place them near the grip, which - in my head canon - contains the power cell.
See you soon!
that is some very cool and very creative work right there! love it!
Thank you!

There's even some progress! I've printed some stickers. For the name, I couldn't find transfer letters I'd be happy with, so, I've printed that out as a sticker, too. Luckily, I managed to produce a grey background for the stickers and the name in PhotoFiltre that closely matches the original gun metal colour.






Now, on to some weathering and dirtying down. Those stickers look way too cheerful. :)
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