1. gvaro

    The Expanse Inspired Hand Terminal / Communicator

    LOVE LOVE LOVE The Expanse, and all of the props from the show. Especially the ever-present hand terminal/communicators that they use. It wasn't until watching a Kyle Hill video where he whipped out an acrylic replica prop of a hand terminal that it clicked with me - I can make this on the...
  2. Phaestoz

    Fallout AERX modular laser pistol/rifle

    I started this build when Fallout 4 was first announced and I've had a few restarts but its pretty far along now. The plan is to make the laser pistol modular just as it is in game to switch from a pistol to a rifle or an automatic at some point. So far I have finished the short barrel, standard...
  3. phoenixjj

    What is the best way to add a laser diode to Starlord blaster?

    I am looking at the best way to add two 5V 5mW laser head diode to a modified nerf star lord blaster. I have been looking into powering it by some sort or rechargeable battery, thinking of cutting out a space to plug it in when it needs to be charged. I have already removed most of the nerf...
  4. Psygnosis

    Laser cutter for beginner cosplayer

    Hi guys, sorry for bother you with this post but I cannot understand laser cut, also If I have read everything possible on web. I'd like to buy a laser cut that doens't cost me 1k €/$ and that engrave and cut styrofoam/polystyrene, eva foam(at least 3mm, 10mm will be awsome), and that can cut...
  5. Master's laser

    Master's laser

    Another of the Master's weapons, fires a laser beam that causes targets to explode. - Claws of Axos