1. LimeyBuilds

    Lost in Space (1998) Don West Pistol/Rifle 3D Print model

    I made these print files for the Assembling rifle fromt he 1998 movie. There's 2 versions of the pistol from different scenes, the rifle, and the transforming pistol/rifle. I hope to start printing the transforming one by the end of the week. I also made sections that can be either the version...
  2. Sni9er

    Din Djarin's - IB-94 Blaster (JBReplicasUK)

    Just wanted to share some photos of what I received in the mail today this absolutely painfully beautiful IB-94 from Joe Browning (JBReplicasUK) We were very fortunate to have been able to support Joe with our company...
  3. Kobeque

    Ezra's Pistol from Prospect (2018)

    I know its a bit of a broad question, but if anyone has information on this prop or has built one for themselves I'd love to see it. Planning on building one myself and will document the process in this thread. There doesn't seem to be much discussion about Prospect on this site, which is a...
  4. MadCowRebel

    Jack Sparrow pistol kit/casts available?

    Does anyone make kits or casts of jacks pistol? The old Zizzle toys that everyone used to make their builds from have long been out of production and are quite rare now. Last one I saw on ebay was going for over $125. I don't mind paying for quality but this is a plastic toy. So any leads on...
  5. TimDRX

    3D printed Half Life: Alyx pistol

    Hey all, currently 3D printing this lovely looking weapon from HL: Alyx. I've only ever previously printed and painted stuff, so I'm looking to develop some new skills with this build. I really want to work some electronics in, but have no idea where to start! The model has the pistol's grip...
  6. Wingman Apex legends (Arduino nano Animation)

    Wingman Apex legends (Arduino nano Animation)

    first project of the year. took me long enough to finally get the accurate animation of the WIngman Pistol from apex legends....few changes will be done before the painting....dont mind the blue inc....ive mistakenly cut out the full pen refill instead of empty one....hope you guys like it... soon i
  7. Galaxy

    Beretta M9A1 Slide Markings Font

    Stumbled across this forum coming from this thread and I wasn't sure on the rules of reviving old threads on this forum so that's why I opened a new one. I own a Beretta M9A1 replica without markings which I want to engrave as perfect as possible. Following this thread and having done some...
  8. Harada357

    Limited Run One Kit Available - Blade Runner PKD Mk-VII Concept pistol blaster gun weapon prop

    KITS ARE AVAILABLE NOW !!! 8/16/2020 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Blade Runner PKD Mk-VII Concept pistol blaster gun weapon prop Offered for a VERY limited run: $ 175.00 plus 25.00 Shipping US. Paypal: Harada357@aol.com PM me. Include full...
  9. FreddySchramm

    AR-T3CO Custom Rayguns.

    About two years ago I designed and modeled an original concept for an art deco style raygun. I recently Molded the 3D printed prototype and cast a few in hopes of selling kits. I was able to cast 6, but since the mold fused (shoulda used more release ....) and me having to jewel cut it out, each...
  10. NuadaDesigns

    Mitch Leary's Composite Pistol- In the Line of Fire - 1993

    My 3D printed and working Mitch Leary composite pistol from In the Line of Fire. I modelled it up last week and have been working out the mechanics since. The plastic firing pins cracked every time I fired them, so I made new ones from aluminium. Very happy to finally own one of these. So...
  11. AndoShinobi

    Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon Pistol

    This is a super quick build for a Resident Evil (Biohazard here in Japan) themed shoot that I will be directing in two days. Yup, two days to build the VP70 M so here goes! The idea is to make a 'clam shell' upper and lower receiver that will sit over an existing airsoft gun, most likely a...
  12. tmax

    Limited Run Resin Cast Thermoptic Pistol - Ghost In The Shell - 2nd Run Interest List

    First Run Full! (y) On a recent trip back to New Zealand, I made some very interesting industry connections that have allowed us to offer this incredibly accurate Thermoptic Pistol, as used by Major played by Scarlet Johansen in the Weta produced Ghost In The Shell. While I can't name...
  13. propmaster2000

    Alliance Pistol from Serenity - A challenge to Model and 3D print

    I was wondering if this Alliance Prop weapon could be modeled and 3D printed? Since the Psycho Ballistics Silver Bullet LCD Paintball Gun with the rubber grips that it was created from is no longer available and getting harder to find, it occurred to me that maybe it could be printed already...