New V2 from me and Halliwax

Anakin Starkiller

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For a while now, Danny and I have been working on a new V2 design. One that kept all the proportions of my 2018 run, but incorporated some of the small details that Danny has noticed from his innumerable v2 builds and that have turned up in the light of some new references.

We spent the last year or so going over the v2 top to bottom, making countless adjustments to the model, prototyping again and again, and finally we have a design that we're both really happy with. Danny has posted some videos on his youtube channel showing off our work.

But, if you missed these videos, I thought I'd post some photos here to show off our work.
ds2v2 preview.jpg

The hilt has been designed to be fx friendly as well as accurate for static builders.
This time is comes with replica graflex clamp and a replica v2 lever.

And, because I couldn't stand having a bunch of stinky old wellies sitting in my apartment anymore... It will also include a vintage boot studd. ;)
There is a very limited number, and they go one sale tonight at 7pm on my website

I hope you guys all like our work


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Because I'm a total nutjob, this is technically the fourth V2 I've gotten (in fairness, two of those were combined into Halliwax's "promod") but man, do I love a V2.


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The V2 is the project that never ends. I’ve had an MR, Oz, Starkiller even rings, Starkiller uneven rings, Korbanth, Solos Hold first run, another MR, Starkiller fx, Solos Hold second run, Starkiller builders kit, Dave P, Starkiller/Halliwax...
Ohhh, the old MR one. That was the first time I ever really found out about the V2 being a unique hilt. I was a member of their premium membership at the time, and I remember always looking for a preorder for it but missed out somehow. It wasn't until Starkiller's FX run that I finally got a V2.

I'm glad to get in on a run that does a little to support some truly prolific individuals who will be forever associated with the V2 within this hobby.


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Damn it I promised myself I wouldn't get one when I went on the website, and then I saw the price point and I just couldn't help it. Can't believe the value for money on this kit you guys are incredible!

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