New V2 from me and Halliwax


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Speaking of the lever, I love that the clamp comes with a circular hole for it in the bar instead of the usual rectangular one. This was me when I went to spin the lever to loosen it just out of habit and it worked instead of getting stuck



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Has anyone found a chassis they can recommend?

I am going to make a quick one for now without a crystal, but it'll have clamp sound venting, so some modding will have to be done to the under-clamp area. To start I will drill/mill out the area under the clamp card, and areas under the rectangular holes in the clamp. I am toying with the idea of getting it bored out to 30mm ID as well, but I don't think most people would be willing to go that far modding this kit :unsure:. I will be painting it and installing it first, then if I decide to later on I will try to figure out a crystal solution. I just want to have a working, painted, weathered V2 and not worry so much about the internals for now lol. So when I make and print mine sometime next week, I will be happy to upload it for you guys. It'll be removable 18650 battery, proffieboard and 28mm speaker with the thin neck pixel connector setup.

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