New V2 from me and Halliwax


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Damnit nobody needs 3 different V2s, yet here I am.
Sure you do! There's this one, for an accurate installed one; DaveP's, for one that is accurate to the construction of the prop; KRxOR's, for a cool AFBB take on it; there's the OR SSLk, for an installed one that's actually comfortable to duel with if that's your thing; Roman's Steel V2 of course for one that's not exactly accurate but is very cool and can sit in your collection as a replica of when it was an ANH stunt; and of course the AS builder's kit, which was your first and you kind of screwed up the stencils but that's part of the journey.

Maybe that's just my collection


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I completely understand. Besides, it’s not like I don’t have enough projects right now. I certainly don’t need another lightsaber to build. :rolleyes:


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Mine arrived about an hour ago. Really awesome kit!



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I just got the kit! Thank you so much Anakin and Halliwax! I definitely have my work cut out for me a crystal chamber chassis design. I just barely figured out how to get a removable battery going in your Hero and the MoM Hero, but since the V2 doesn’t have blinkie control box LEDs, I think I can manage!

Darth Elevator

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Recieved mine today. That was lightning quick delivery.

Its a beautiful kit! Thanks for doing this run. I know a ton of work went into this.

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