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We might give this one another look, but it is a bit low on the list.
That's appreciated, thanks. But the only reason I keep bringing it up, is if I tell someone, "Great build. Can't wait to see the forthcoming stages of it!", the munching popcorn guy image seems to capture the feeling better. The little box looks to much like simply selling popcorn.

I agree the munching popcorn guy isn't exactly a highbrow concept, but it's just a little thing that adds character to the messages. :)


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I'm trying to convince Art to have a "Chuck" smile. It would just be me laughing then going to bed early. Can we do that?

Art Andrews

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Untrue. Personally, I like the idea of a more current, and matched set of emoticons. I'm just not fond of this set.
As I mentioned to some others, and I say this with utter sincerely, and not an ounce of facetiousness, if you can find a better, matched set of smilies that are consistent in look and size, we will certainly consider them!


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I saw one once that was like Dr Manhattans blue albino tadpole cannon . It was funny.


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Not that there aren't more important things to concern us, but FWIW, I find the new emoticons overly cutesy-poo. I reckon I will survive.


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I do too. Or I should say 'did', really. There were some nice compact unfussy designs in the old set...but eh. I'm used to the new ones already.


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...FWIW, I find the new emoticons overly cutesy-poo...
Yeah, we want our emoticons overly ugly-poo! And really ticked off! :D

But seriously, I've made a few comments about my dislike for the new emoticons but, in the grand scheme of things, I really don't care.


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I've pretty much been away for a week or so, and only just now noticed the appearance of a more useable, suitable popcorn guy.

Thank you, Mr. Andrews, it is much appreciated! :popcorn :thumbsup