New Season of Futurama opinions?

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I watched the first two episodes and I have to say I wasn't all that impressed. I can watch the older seasons repeatedly but these new ones seem kind of flat. The first episode saves the big joke until halfway through and suddenly ends without there being a whole lot of humor as it if was rushed or they lost interest halfway through writing it. The second one is Bender heavy, which isn't always bad, but it wasn't all that funny either.
It's like during the time they were making the direct to video movies they lost something.
I agree.
The show has definitely lost direction IMO. I think the newest episodes are better than the season before which is un-watchable for me. Too much crudity and nudity and not enough wit and character.
Last season was not very good at all, I don't know if my expectations were to high or what, but I didn't enjoy it. So far this season, I laughed pretty hard, especially at the Bender cloning episode. I'm optimistic so far.
I'm hopeful too. I mean even the old episodes had some crudity and nudity but they managed to make it just part of the story like the professor always trying to get nude. I'm not sure if they're aiming at the typical comedy central viewers (admit it, the channel seems to love crude humor) or what. I thought last season was just because they were rusty and trying to get back into the groove but they keep this up it's going to get canceled again. Last season the one I like the best was when they get stuck in the time machine. For some reason i have a soft spot for the more serious fry related ones like this and when he finds his nephew was the first man on mars.
I found they started kind of odd..but got better through the season.

Edit..OOps!! I thought this was about last season. Didn't realize a new season had started!!!!
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I liked both of those episodes far better than anything that was in the movie length Futuramas. I think it works much better in the shorter format.
Im a huge fan of Futurama and last season was definitely lacking. With that being said I did enjoy the 2 new episodes. The first one was just so-so, but I did really like the second one. How can you not like a bunch of lil benders :)
The movies weren't very good, and the new season wasn't great either. It had it's moments ("The Late Phillip J Fry" and "Lethal Inspection" were both good), but for the most part it wasn't great.
I find it odd that they do so well on the semi serious ones like the late phillip fry and bender being defective. I mean they had their moments but they were both very poignant more than anything else.
I think it's because they're trying to pick up from the last original seasons but unfortunately the original series had time to develop into where it was. Maybe they should have gone back to the basics where the first season started and they build back into that momentum they had going. Might feel more natural and a lot less forced.
Anyone watch last night? I have to say it, the episode with Clamps and the robot mafia, was better than usual and seeing Zoidburg drop the f bomb still makes me laugh for some reason.
That one was pretty good too, especially the Tron-like bits. I just love how in the last few seasons they've been hinting that Zoidburg might not be as big a weakling as everyone thought. How long before the Star Trek cast is on again? lol
Sadly I think that's because it's comedy central and they're mostly lowbrow humor. Actually this is about the only show I watch on there unless they have like Airplane or something on. Plus I'm not sure any of the old writers are even back with the show, it sure doesn't really feel it.
Yeah the 8 bit game one was the best. The anime one wasn't so good, they went for the same lame jokes about dialogue that every other anime spoof has done. I did love the anime zoidberg design.
Ehhh, I was somewhat disappointed with the finale. I don't mind the three separate story formats, but this one was way too out there - kinda like drama series musical episodes...
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