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Hey everyone I have just gotten into 3d printing and prop making in the past 6 months. Myself along with my good buddy run a podcast called NerdLegends Podcast that we did religiously for 2 years but this year life has gotten in the way and we haven't been able to record any new episodes. Along with the podcast I have been working on projects under my studio name GingerGeekStudios. We have done a couple things like film and produce a college scholarship application video and a really really corny movie parody we made almost 7 years ago. We are currently working on a new project and we are wanting to make it the absolute best as possible which got me into prop making and 3d printing. Which brings me here. I have browsed this forum a couple time thought it was time to become a member because of all the great things I have seen here. Hope I can contribute in some way.

Paul Krupa

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Just want to thank you for having me. I'm just a guy with 3d printers that likes to make cosplay stuff along with other props.

I look forward to going through all the builds and adding some new skills I learn from this forum and apply it to my own stuff.

Jen Logan

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I am New here My Name is Jen Logan and My Friend told me about this forum... because i have a fond of discussion about some trending topics about new stuffs jus like music, movies, fashion trends and much more hope i get much information here...


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Welcome to the RPF! We're happy that you could join us, especially since some of you have been waiting for quite some time.

Please take the time to introduce yourself to the community. Tell us about yourself, your prop interests, maybe even show us some pics of your collection.

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Again, welcome! :):thumbsup

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Hello and greetings to all,

My name is Chris, and I'm a 46 y.o. male from Indiana (close to Chicago) with a lifelong burning ambition of wanting to cosplay. I have been a couple of characters in the past five years: the Clock King, one of Batman's adversaries, and Wolfgang the Hippie Werewolf of Halloween (my own original creation, since I grew up watching the Banana Splits, can't help it if I have a thing for mascot costumes ever since I was an 8 y.o. in 1980. Don't laugh, I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT TO HAVE anything at all to do with Barney and friends, I want to keep my childhood memories intact). But right now, I would like to get tips on putting together a futuristic astronaut costume, all decked out in black and gray, similar to the ones in the TV shows Space: Above and Beyond and the Expanse, and I would like to do so by using a full-face motorcycle helmet, instead of trying to fashion one out of pepakura or resin.

Why, you may ask, I had been a couple of characters in five years' time? The reason being is because right now, I'm currently unemployed and on disability, so I really have to watch my budget month by month. I just figure I could buy the helmet one month, then boots or shoes or gloves the next month, and so on and so forth. I know, I know, cosplaying isn't cheap, far from it. But I still DO VERY MUCH WANT TO MAKE A GO OF THIS. My being on disability is also why I do not want to resort to pepakura or resin when fashioning my helmet, I have heard it is VERY expensive. So for that, I would prefer sticking to a motorcycle helmet instead and using a black visor with it. I'm certain it should still work. But other than that, I don't know exactly what kind of materials or clothing to use, say do I go with black hiking boots or just black leather? Or what kind of black undersuit should I use, or should go with a black wetsuit? Or would cargo pants and a ballistic vest do the trick? Or something different? But I DO NOT want to use knee caps because I've been having knee problems for the past years.

I think this is going to probably, give or take a few, take up to a year, because like I just said, I'm on disability, so I have to very carefully watch my budget. So can anybody out there please help me? Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.
Please???? Any ideas, tips, help, or suggestions???? Or any how-to videos off YouTube?

Looking forward to hearing from anybody in the RPF community who could help me. Thank you all in advance.



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Hi there
My name is André, known by Ignição in the games
Im new on the cosplay world and looking for some good tips with the masters here


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Hi there
My name is André, known by Ignição in the games
Im new on the cosplay world and looking for some good tips with the masters here
Best advice i can give is start with a game plan. Choose an armour or costume. Decide on materials and read threads about the project. Odds are someone has made here. Follow all safety guidelines and have fun doing it. What do you want to make, i can possibly steer you in the right direction.


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Hello, newbie here.
I've come across some really cool threads here and have seen amazing work by amazing people.

It's nice to finally be a part of a cool place that lives to share ideas and creativity.

My name is O.R.
I am a Writer/Director who is trying to get into film school.

I'm currently working on a Star Wars fan film titled: Bounty Hunter
I have an amazing crew behind me from all over the world and we are pouring our love and dedication into this project.

I hope to upload many progress pics and behind the scenes here along with some questions I have for the community.

Thanks again for this amazing place and an opportunity to work alongside all of you.


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Hey guys,

Firstly thanks for having me!

My name is Jake and I'm a fabricator/model maker by day and a tinkerer, general artsy-fartsy person by night.

I'll be making a Zorg Industries ZF-1 over the next year or two and some bits in between.



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Hello everyone,
I'm a crafter with mostly fantasy style leanings, doing what I can for the local cosplay and LARP community. I work with wood, EVA, Worbla, metal, plastics etc... my favorite techniques are IMHO wood carving, LED electrics and generally grinding stuff into shapes. My least loved are, ahem, painting and all that applies.

Lordwobbler at deviantart

LARP Breton222.jpg Sha Wu Sheng swords.jpg скфаае.jpg FIAU0028.jpg chirurgeon_tools_by_lordwobbler-d6k5i3p.jpg


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I´m Marina and I´m from Germany =)
I´m a total Supernatural addict since I started watching in December 2017 (yeah, you read right! VERY late - and I watched all seasons in the shortest possible time!)

I started a tumblr blog recently, mostly about making a replica of Henry / John Winchester´s journal of the SPN series.
I have a few new projects and I hope the will turn out well.
At the moment I´m quite addicted to making SPN props ;)

I hope to meet nice guys here and get some help with stuff I´m stuck.



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Hello everyone. Serdar here from Ankara, Turkey. I've been trying to get into crafting things, prop making and cosplay for the last couple of years. I wish to learn more from experienced builders here, access more resources, and hopefully share what I make. Cheers.


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Hi everyone, I'm from Australia and have been cosplaying since 2011. Mostly into the costuming side of things although I'm a qualified special effects makeup artist and I'm starting to learn about prop-making as well. I love making from anything that catches my eye, be it movies or games or books. For a while it was any historical costume and I've built up a pretty good collection of frock coats since then.

I'm looking forward to the opportunity to learn from everyone else's experiences.


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Hi Everyone, My name is Steve and I'm from Arlington, Washington in the United States.
I been a member for a bit but never posted here. I've been doing prop work on cosplays for others. This time around, I get to work on something for my self and decided to work on a couple of Tusken Warrior costumes for my wife and I.


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Good morning all!!!

Tim here from Benton, Arkansas in the United States.

New to replica props, but been a fan of the art for a long time.

Starting a Luke lightsaber build, to be my first venture.


Hi All, I relatively new a couple of weeks. So now that I am retiring i think I will play with props and other cool things.


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Howdy all, I’m Jason from Austin, TX. I am completely new to the world of props. I enjoy fabrication, and I’ve studied builds on forums like this one for many years. I thought now was as good a time as any to become a member, and get of the couch and into the workshop.


Hi, James here. 47 from Texas. Been doing cosplay two years. Just did my second ever costume. Have done foam a little and pep a little. I always have rushed and reading here the past week has taught me to really take my time on my next project. I'm gonna do a pep fiberglass resin iron man mark 47 from spider man homecoming. My first build was so bad I won't post it. Marvel now magneto. Here's my second build.. kind of a hybrid comic movie hybrid of hawkeye..