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Hi Everyone,

I'm Justin Kirkwood, and I joined primarily to meet other people who are interested in imaginary products, companies, and brands from films & television. I run a blog on the subject called Not a Real Thing, which is about three months old. I was referred here by a talented guy named Gus Weber who I corresponded with when getting the site off the ground.

I've only created one prop replica so far - an Atari 5200 Cloak & Dagger cartridge from the film of the same name. Now, I just have to find where to post it!

I look forward to getting geeky with you all. Feel free to message me any time if you've created a prop replica that may be relevant to my site, and would like another medium in which to share it.

Best regards,
Justin Kirkwood
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hello from Branson, MO!!!
An old friend of mine recently sent me a link to this website and I have been addicted to it 24/7! LOVE the models (especially the scratch built ones) I have been a model builder since early 80's. Built planes, trains, automobiles and space ships. I hope to make one from scratch myself one day!

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Hi, I'm Josh and I have a degree in sculpture but tend to make jewelry mostly. I joined because you are all so amazing with the stuff you make and I wanted to see more. I hope to make some things to show off in the near future as well. Thanks,
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

HI all!
Been a fan of RPF for aboot 2 years now, but I kept missing the enrollment!

Finally i remember now =)
Started out over at Gbfans, then graduated to here as well !
Gathering all the knowledge all the fine people have to offer, one prop piece at a time. I'm Glad to be here.
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **


I've been lurking here and there for the past few months, waiting until the day I could register and see what the big fuss was all about.

I've always been a big fan of costuming and last year I started on the road to putting together a Biker Scout costume which is almost done by now. It's like a drug, though. My next project will be to put together a Cobra Viper costume and someday, in the future, I'll build myself a Warhammer Space Marine get-up.
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Yeah it great that I've finally gotten around to registering.

I have the usual replicas, including but not limited to;

TK (FX) Stormtrooper Armour
E-11 Blaster (Resin)
DL-44 Blaster, Greedo Killer (Resin)
Light Saber, Luke's ANH (genuine Graflex)
Light Saber, Vader(ish) ANH (Heiland)
Light Saber, Custom short handled (Heiland)
Droid Caller (genuine Kobol)
Colonial Warrior Costume complete w/helmet, pistol and belt (still need boots)
Robocop's Auto 9
Gold Cloak Pin (Original LOTR)

I have tons of crap that doesn't come to mind at the moment... but my job does expose me to a lot of greeblies, so I should start scratch building some interesting stuff. (eventually)
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Hi,just a quick introduction,i collect Davros of Dr Who fame and in particular various styles of Davros masks,i have quite a few already but am always on lookout for other versions i dont have already,although that is my main passion i do enjoy looking at all other peoples interests in scifi props and models,great to be part and will chat very soon, cheers Ty.
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce myself. I'm Lorna from Scotland. I'm a big Star Wars and Dr.Who fan and a love for most things Sci-fi. I'm married with a beautiful daughter who is a great excuse for playing with toys. I have recently made an Audrey II and the internet from the IT crowd but I am pretty new to prop making but glad to be on-board with those in the know and hope to develop my skills and make some cool looking props. I used to costume with the UKG as a stormtrooper (FX armour) but no longer active, I'm to busy enjoying staying at home and playing mum, and dreaming up what prop to make next.

Anyway it's nice to meet you all, and thanks for having me on-board.
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hello, new to the boards but been a big scifi and fantasy movie, book/storyfan for many years. Also very big fan of the special effects and props made and used. I have hardly no props but I hope to change that soon, I own a CNC mill I built myself from scratch (no plans) a lathe I hope soon to turn into a CNC controlled unit. and a ton of other tools some I bought as they are, some I have modified for specific purposes and some I made from scratch because no such tool existed before. I make goggles and leather masks with the only plastic I use in the goggles being the transparent colored lenses and some mirrored lenses made of lexan *polycarbonate* (bullet proof glass is made of this) and lucite *acrylic*

My youtube account:

The Architect
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How y'all doing folks!

After a wait of what felt like years I finally made it onto these fabled forums and I've been having a ball going through all the old threads and have once again got the modelling bug back and now just have to decide what I'm going to tackle(without the other half realising what I' up to:love:love).

I'm a member of the UK.Garrison (part of the worldwide 501st) and am the proud owner of an Imperial Royal Guard costume and I am also one of only four Original series Cylons in the UKG.

Am currently just about to start a Senate Guard(actually I'm not doing a darn thing) once a couple of extremely talented ladies in the UK have the time to start the helmet and the soft parts of the costume..

Now!I have an ice cold beer and I'm going to spend the next couple of hours going through the forums to see some of the fantastic work you folk have come up with.

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Hello gents! I've been meandering around this forum for MONTHS waiting for registration to open up. Some of you may know me as Jack of All Trades or Captain Frank from some of the Pirate forums. Jodo, Captain Jack Savvy, Mojo, Acme!!! (and anyone I may have missed) How the heck are ya!!! It's good to be here and I am highly impressed by some of stuff made here. Thanks for having me!
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Whereabouts in Scotland are you from mate?:cool

Heritage. Clan Lamont and Clan MacGreggor. Das Wife and I are planning a visit for our 15th anniversary. I believe my clans are from the Highlands (and not because of the movies).
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Hi all, I've decided to register here in the hope of getting dome good Doctor who/Torchwood Props :D Good to see you all :)
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hi all, I lucked out and made it to the site while registration was open. I am really enjoying the site so far.
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hey there everyone,
My name is Tim and I've been collecting replica props from horror movies for most of my life if you count the crappy freddy gloves from back in the day lol. A few years back I got into screenused stuff. I'm mainly into Rob Zombies H1 and H2. I've had many Myers masks but the one below is far and away the best one I've found its called "Unearthed"


I'm new to prop making. I would like to be a professional prop-man someday. I am also interested in stunts. Does anyone have any information on props for Home Alone?

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