re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

sorry bout the links to my site, I was more or less showing off my skills as I collect those :D
(skills I mean on the collecting thing)

hopefully I can change that soon as I want to make things that I get to keep. and unfortunately right now that is only the top hat some cloths (like the vest and leather pembroke collar and red pants I made) and my goggles. (if you look at the youtube videos you will notice something strange about the reflection of the light off of them. I did this on purpose to mimick the lenses of Doctor Steels goggles. so they sort of are replicas of his prop goggles. I hope to add my own custom sonic screw driver soon (with a 3 watt blue luxeon) and see if I can not hide a real screw driver in there some where or maybe a USB flash drive ;)
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hello! I've been waiting for the registration for some time. Yay I finally get to post!

I found this forum when I was looking up references to the Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland costumes. I loved them so much that I wanted to make them :) That thread in the costume forum was VERY helpful and I loved reading about people's progress and I absolutely love that everyone tries to help each other become better and learn.

I don't have pictures to show, I haven't made costumes in a long time. I'm very much a manga/anime/game/comics type of person so most of the things I'll do will involve that. I made a costume about 8-9 years ago which was the human form of Luna from Sailormoon which was just a yellow dress with some netting underneath, pretty simple.

Oh! So also, I like how much time and effort the people take to get costumes and props to be as accurate as possible. I am a perfectionist so every little detail really gets me! I'm always fussing about stuff! So although I didn't make many costumes, I have a pretty good ability in sewing since I took classes for 10 years while I was a kid. But I don't wear anything, I just love creating stuff!

Anyhow, I hope to contribute, I don't know what I can do for others, but everyone here seems pretty awesome. I'm also interested in learning about how to cast resin... wanted to make gemstones :/ I'm interested in making jewelry too but it seems expensive.. I have learned silver clay though.
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hello to all.
I'm pretty new to prop collecting and making. This side provided great inspiration and "I need this" feelings :lol. In my collection are only a few pieces, mostly Indiana Jones Stuff, but I hope it will grow. A few pieces are on my "to-do list" and the "I want to buy list". I'm looking forward to share pictures of them with you.
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hi everyone, I'm Terry (or Tee if that's easier!) - I'm 40yrs old and live in South Wales. Been a prop and set builder for a few years, now I'm an illustrator and designer and also semi-pro voiceover artist. I am a member of the UK Garrison (recently sold my Stormtrooper Armour, but am currently building a Biker Scout). I do a half-decent Jack Sparrow (as seen in my avatar), and am interested in Star Wars, POTA and Doctor Who props among many others.
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hi everybody!

I'm originally from Northern California and have been living and working in Japan for some time. I'm most active in the 1:6 scale community, but I've been into 1:1 scale stuff for many years, esp. military uniforms and equipment. I'm also a loooong time sci fi fan, so this seems like the perfect place for me.

While I'm mostly into prop collecting these days rather than prop building, (due to time constraints), over the past year I've been assembling an Aliens US Colonial Marine costume, which is one of the reasons I decided to join this forum. I also have plans to build a Rollerball and a Mad Max costume in the near future.

My hobby interests are varied and so is my current collection. Once I've had time to learn my way around the forum, I'd like to share some pics of a few of my favorite pieces with anyone who'd like to have a look.

Cheers! :cheers
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

G'day Everybody
I'm an Aussie with a passion for my family and Star Wars. We don't dress up, just enjoy making Props and collecting.
cheers and see you in the forums
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hello everyone. I'm glad to finally be an official member of the community.

I have been following the forums for quite some time. I'm not a prop maker, per se, but I have always had an interest in movies and the way things are made. I am in complete awe of the members work and, hopefully one day, I will be able to add to the amazing works found here
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hello fellow RPF members!

Must say I’m amazed by the artistry, craftsmanship and research poured into the props seen on this board. Personally, my interest falls mostly with props seen in Universal Horror, Golden Age Horror, and 50s Sc-Fi and Horror films.

Happy to be onboard!
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re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Greetings to all.
Thanks to the heads up from my associate Jaws68, I am now a member.
I am a collector of prop weapons and antique relics from a wide range of sci-fi and adventure /fantasy films. Worked in the Special Make-up Effects industry for almost 10 years. I have seen some amazing craftsmanship here and look forward to making some great contacts. Very happy to be aboard. Thanks!
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hello everyone. It is great to finally be a member of this wonderful board. I look forward to meeting new people and getting involved in future projects!
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hi, I'm Chris, from California originally and now stuck for the time in Utah. Costumer, Tailor, looking to get into prop making, and on the right times of the year, convention hopper. ^^ I got recommended her some time ago, but registration was closed for a GOOD long time until recently. Glad to finally be a part of this community and looking forward to everything!
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hi All,

Yes! Am finally a member of this site! I am Richard and I am a propaholic. I have been building props for theatre for a good few years and got into collecting film props about 18 months ago. My collection includes origional items from Willow, Pirates of the Carabian and Saving Private Ryan. I am also an avid sword collector so have several reproduction swords on my wall - thank goodness my wife humours me!

Am planning on working on some remake BSG kit and Stargate kit - to wear when I go airsofting. Also gonna build some 40k pieces in the not to distant future.

Have been watching this site for a good whilse so am looking forward to getting involved now I am signed up.

re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hello to all,

My name is Rick and I just found this website a month ago and I just can't get enough of it!!! I live in Kansas City and I am into American Graffiti, Star Wars, NCIS and Supernatural. Can't wait to start posting to show some of my collections. I have inclosed a picture of one of my projects but I have MUCH more to show in the future.

Talk to you all soon

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re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hi everyone,

I originally came across RPF a few years ago when I was building my first prop, a GB Proton Pack and Trap, maybe a bit ambitious for a first prop. Now it's many years later, and I've finally checked the site on the right period of time to finally make registration. Currently I'm working on a complete Elvira Mistress of the Dark costume, and thinking about doing a Chewbacca after seeing so many peoples great successes they've had.
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hello All,

My name is Rick and I am from Orlando, FL. I have been involved with costuming for 6 years now. Started with a simple Jedi, then Clone Trooper which blossomed into about 9 different Star Wars based costumes. From there I went into Resident Evil and 300 Spartan. I am now into doing a lot of Super Heros as I am currently Ironman and X-Men Angel. I am working currently on Aquaman Classic, Aquaman Darkest Night, Three Musketeers, ODST Armor, and X-Men Havok. I do a lot of charity work as I lost my 8 year old son to Leukemia and I try to put smiles on as many kid's faces as I can since I can no longer see the smile on my Son's face.

Ironman X2
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hi Im Clay from Iowa, Im into hobby electronics and would like to start adding a little more form to the fuction. The series I like most are SW and DW
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

hi my names lee, new 2 the site not sure what 2 do?
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hey all,

Jason from Ottawa. I'm primarily a Star Trek Next Generation era prop fan.

I'm in the process of making a couple of scratch built items; an ODN scanner (thanks to and a hyprospray. I plan on posting about these tiem shortly.
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hello, everybody. I'm from Northern Michigan, and came across this site looking for Indiana Jones-type stuff. I'm very impressed with the amount of talent here, hope I can contribute soon!
re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! **

Hi, everyone! It's great to find this place and this community! I'm in Harrisburg, PA, and I have interests all over the map -- mostly science fiction or comics-related props. My favorite properties are Doctor Who, DC comics, the X-Files, Harry Potter, and Star Trek. My most treasured possession is my custom Green Lantern power ring, the Hal Jordan version. I was lucky enough to stumble across this site while looking for ideas or plans for possibly attempting a Tom Baker-era sonic screwdriver; unfortunately thanks to MS my hands are no longer much good for detail work. Also, I have a seventeen year old who is just starting to get into cosplay and is always borrowing my old stuff!

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