New Indiana Jones Items from Disney - Sankara Stone, Crystal Skull, Holy Grail, Idol


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Yeah, it’s weird; I just got the email today from Disney saying they were back in stock, but by the time I went to the site, the idol, stones, and grail were long gone. Thanks for the “timely” notice Disney! :mad:
I also wonder if this is because people got Christmas money and wanted to buy them. I myself would've, but currently waiting on my checks to go through. Well, thanks again Disney lol.


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I'm really keen to pick these up if the price is right, from what I've heard they're gonna be Disney Parks offerings. Honestly it likely this is gonna be my best chance at a cost effective crystal skull so I'm totally gonna grab one
I was thinking the same thing! "If the price is right" I plan on snagging the skull, too. I went to their store today, looking for the crsytal skull they advertised. And this is the only one that I found. Don't think this is the one advertised in their promo.

Crystal Skull – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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