Limited Run Indiana Jones "PROP" Challenge Coins! Individual or 3 coin set!


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Indiana Jones "PROP" Challenge Coin Sets! 3 coins!

$20 for Individual coins (Headpiece, Idol, & Ark)
$60 for the set of 3,
and $15 for an additional 4th coin.
Shipping NOT included in price!

Coins are huge 2" in diameter!!!

Finish: Antiqued Shiny Gold!

- 3 coins (4th coin for displaying backside is optional)

- Each coin portraying a cool prop from the movie on one side.

- The other side portraying Indiana Jones as he is on the movie poster.

- Additional 4th Coin can be purchased for you to display the backside, if you are choosing to display these.

- Possible Sets for the other movies will be made!

I know what you're saying! Why 3 coins for each movie?

Well, with other coins that are offered, there is usually only the main prop that is displayed on it. There's just so many other cool props in each movie, that each prop really should have its' own coin.

So, I thought it might look awesome if there were 3 coins for each movie, each with a prop displayed on one side and Indy portrayed as he is in each movie poster on the other side.

Here's a list of the props I would do for each movie:

Raiders - Fertility Idol, Ra Headpiece, The Ark
Temple of Doom - Nurhachi Urn, Kali Chalice, Sankara Stones
Last Crusade - Cross of Coronado, Grail Diary, Holy Grail
Crystal Skull - Ark exposed in Box, Orellana Mask, Crystal Skull

I will only do one run of these!

Here's the Coins for the 'Raiders' run!

Backside of all 3 Coins!!!
Any left?

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Re: Indiana Jones "PROP" Challenge Coins! Individual or 3 coin set!

Also, after seeing how incredible these are in person... I would be more than happy to pay a deposit, to enable future sets to be made. Consider me obsessed to see more of these completed!!


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Received mine while I was on vacation, only just opened the package yesterday. Even though the description says 2" which is indeed big for a coin, it doesn't actually register until you see it in person. These coins are massive, but that also means all the design intricacies really pop. Gorgeous work. Hopefully these sell gangbusters so that the other films can get sets as well.


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Remember pass the word around to your friends or family members there is a Indiana Jones everywhere you be surprised. Remember these are great for your Indy collection or make great Christmas gifts, Birthday or just to surprise someone in general. I appreciate everyone stepping up in order to make a difference in the hopes of getting the other films made as stated by fellow members here. Thanks!


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My coins are with the courier hopefully today, so when I get home I might have a parcel to have a look at all going well.


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Hey Brenton,
These coins are amazing, pictures do not do these justice they are so nice.
I have to get some more, just can't decide what extra ones I want.
Possibly two more arks and an idol.