New Indiana Jones Items from Disney - Sankara Stone, Crystal Skull, Holy Grail, Idol, Staff of Ra headpiece


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I just saw this display at Star Wars Celebration. The Crystal skull isn't too bad, but not great... I think dimensionally, it looks to be on the small side… The Grail looks to be about on par with the Grails available from China on AliExpress... Also, passable, but not great... But the Sankara stone looks like Bantha Poodoo (hey I'm at SW Celebration)... Seriously, they could have done so much better!! I'm not sure if they are doing a "second run" of the idols or not... But there was one as part of the display... I found the first run of idols to be serviceable, but overly large...

i think I’ll try to take some additional close-up pictures tomorrow if I pass the booth…

Ran into a couple RPFers while looking at the display... Didn't get their names... If you were one of them, pls reply to this thread... Was nice briefly talking to you ! (We were discussing Sankara stone makers)...



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I'm really keen to pick these up if the price is right, from what I've heard they're gonna be Disney Parks offerings. Honestly it likely this is gonna be my best chance at a cost effective crystal skull so I'm totally gonna grab one
I think those look like prototypes explaining why the size or paint are not finalized yet.......I guess !!!
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I don’t know which movie the glass elongated skull in supposed to be from, the new stuff though (Sankara Stone and Grail) looks absolutely shameful which is weird because their idol was at least decent (not worth the after market prices though).
I have a feeling that the grail will be drinking safe, which may explain its quality? As for the skull, I also thought it was small, but there were two different scales made for the film, the small hero and the large skeleton head. And after looking at the scene where Indy and Mutt first get it in the cemetery I feel like the size is accurate, but I may feel different when I see it in person.
Well, considering last year when Disney offered the idol it was around $130, I’d think the stone and grail chalice might each be around that same price point. Maybe a little higher adjusting for inflation. The skull looks to be a larger item, and could probably be priced higher due to the size.
Cute marketing ploy by Disney: in Temple of Doom the only time the stones were fiery or glowed was when all 3 were together. So if you want to display their stone, you’ll have to buy 3. ;)
Its said they will also have the jacket and the fedora for sale. Wondering if the final product will be different, the fedora is very dark. They will probably be very expensive though
That’s Nevada Smith with that dark hat. It’s the Dorfman hat they offer (officially licensed), shirt is decent (change buttons), jacket is a nice pleather-however, exterior shown buttons for the storm flap? Pants are simply Walmart cargo pants they grabbed as well as some hiking shoes just for the event.

But hey, maybe the cost will make up for the lack of screen accuracy, detail, and quality. Hopefully it will become a first step into a larger world for more folks. If this gets people excited and they start joining in and getting passionate and growing and learning, I’m all for it!

P.S. Also at Celebration and saw all this stuff, just not in Indy like a few of you awesome people! Went as the more brash version of our favorite hero. ;)


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The jacket and fedora look horrible. Steamshovel’s right: the jacket looks like pleather and is way too thin, and the fedora looks almost gray. I’m not expecting the jacket to be from Wested’s or even US Wings, but we’ll probably get a jacket somewhere in the middle like a Lucasfilm model. Same with the hat: if it’s a different brand they’re offering, there’s plenty of official fedoras out there. Hopefully both of these are just display mock-ups.

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