Limited Run **LINEAGE** Foundry Cast - ANH Kenobi Stunt Hilts (ANH/ROTJ - V2/V3)


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Edited: 04/27/22 - More readings about my findings and experiences (and a little more photos) are logged here in my build and research thread.



Stunt Cast Family Photo.JPG
This idea originally grew from my thread where I was experimenting with sand casting and what started as a "living history" idea had quickly escalated into 3D-printing my own buck based off of the original, casting numerous trials before finally achieving my first prototype as a proof of concept.

The whole point of this project was to create the closest facsimile of the original prop. However, with the friendly participation of the RPF's own vadermania--who provided me a 3D scan of his production-made cast--I can now produce lineage casts as they would have been.

A lot of effort went into restoring his 3D scan, stripping away the 40+ years of work that had been done to it, and resetting it back to the original wood buck's specifications.

Some concessions had to be made (casting alloy instead of brazing wire) but I've gone through all the trouble of following the same steps the original prop guys did when they made the stunt props all those years ago: making the master, sand casting, and then machining and cleaning the casts. In lieu of what we don't know about the construction of these props, I have filled the gaps with how I think they would've been constructed given the extant information and what my trials have resulted, slap-shod method and all.

While I'm more interested in creating something faithfully and authentically, I believe this project has become the most accurate replicas ever offered. I wanted the original stunt hilts used by Alec Guinness during the filming of STAR WARS and, with some great luck, I believe I have accomplished that goal. Not only just replicas, they're pieces of film history.

The Plan

The general construction is four separate pieces for the V2, and three separate pieces for the V3, based on what has been said by the owner of the V2 prop, as well as details recollected in Jon Bunker's diagram of the original sp/fx hilts.:
  • Emitter nipple (V2): A separate piece that seats the stunt/effects blade(s) and secures the emitter to the hilt.
  • Emitter: A near solid piece that held the nipple.
  • Hilt: The body on the V2 is partially hollowed out to make the "chamber" (as our own B. Alinger puts it) that once housed the motor assembly. I believe that the V3 may not have been bored out as extensively for this function.
  • Pommel: Also partially hollowed out to make room for the wire(s) that connected the motor assembly to an external battery pack, specifically for the V2.
The Run

The purpose of this run is to give something back to the community, something that hasn't been done before, and something that many have wanted for years. However, considering it's just me making these things, to spec and every component by hand, as labor-intensive as this method has proved, there's only going to be a limited number made depending on how many people are signed on. Previous casts showed a turnaround time at around a month or a month and a half per run.

Options & Pricing
Blank "Raw" Cast - 350 USD Shipped

Kenobi Stunt Cast.JPG

As it's pretty much explained in the name, these are essentially "as-is," straight-from-the-mold pulls. They may have some light cleaning on my part if there is excessive flash, but these are essentially the exact same as the ones made for production of STAR WARS in 1976. These will carry all the idiosyncratic details that the originals have, carried over from the wood master. By the very nature of making these, there will be slight variations in every cast. Some will be a duller grey in color, some will be lighter; some may carry more or less pockmarks/blow-holes on its surface. Whether for display in one's collection, or if you want to try machining it yourself, they will be as close to perfect as can be.

**** I will caution those who are interested in machining these on your own, that you have to be a fairly skilled and competent machinist. I recommend that you take the risks if you are an advanced machinist only!****



V2 Kit Parts.JPG
V2 Kit.JPG

These kits will come with separate pommel w/ d-ring, emitter, and nipple; along with the steel rod, a machined transcriptor knob (made as the vintage ones were: cone knob with grub screw). Grub screws and appropriate holes will come ready-in-place. These come as they are so you may choose to finish it as wither an ANH motorized stunt hilt, or a RotJ belt-hanger. As this is a kit version, you will need to source the boot stud, clamp, clamp card, and clamp lever.

Finished: 980 USD SHIPPED

V2 Finished Alinger.JPG
V2 Finished Front.JPG
V2 Finished Top.JPG

Close to a "holy grail" for me, the V2 is something I'm serious about making as dead-on, balls-accurate as I can make.

The "Finished" option is just that: I will personally oversee the completion of each piece from beginning to end. From casting to painting, I will create each hilt commissioned to the highest standard possible to create a hilt that is as close to the real-world prop. These will come with everything with the "V2 Kit" and, in solidarity with other replica parts makers, these will come with replica boot studs by roygilsing , clamps by Romans Empire , clamp card by slothfurnace , and a custom stamped-steel V2 lever (with custom steel thread and square nut) that I have created custom dies to produce. These will also be painted as close to matching colors as I can acquire and hand-scuffed based off of Trooper_trent stencils to resemble the real-world paint chipping.

The only concession here is that the aluminium casting alloy used to produce these hilts is not as mechanically strong as the cnc'd offerings other makers provide and the emitter therefore cannot be stressed enough to bend to the proper angles without surface cracks or completely breaking off. I do ding and rough them up some but I cannot bend them completely without ruining the emitter face.


Kit ("Stunt" or "Exhibit"): 680 USD SHIPPED

V3 SS Kit Parts.JPG
V3 Exhibit Kit Parts.JPG

Left: V3 - "Stunt" Kit, Right: V3 - "Exhibit" Kit

It's up for debate as to how the V3 was ultimately constructed but based on what is currently known, the V3 started out as the "Stunt" kit shows: a mostly intact hilt with attached emitter. Sometime during its life, the emitter was replaced and was later modified for museum tours in the early 1990's; this is what the "Exhibit" kit entails. It's not clear whether or not these were ever hollowed out to be set up with a motor like the V2, but what information available suggests maybe not. So these hilts are mostly solid with space bored out for the fencing rod and the pommel to fit. Should anything new come out regarding the construction of these things, I'll be sure to update accordingly.

The "Stunt" kit will come with separate pommel w/ d-ring, grub screw in the windvane and booster; and a metal rod to attach a fencing blade of your choice.

The "Exhibit" kit will come with everything that the "Stunt" kit has, with the exception of a separate, slightly rougher emitter with accompanying grub screw, and truncated steel rod to secure the emitter the hilt body.

Finished ("Stunt" or "Exhibit"): 780 USD SHIPPED

V3 SS Finished.JPG
V3 Exhibit Finished.JPG

V3 Exhibit Top.JPG

Like the V2's finish options, I will personally oversee each of these hilts to completion: casting to painting. These hilts will come with everything listed in their respective kit options, with the appropriate clamp and brass card for the V3 "Exhibit" version that I produce myself. These will come with the appropriate paint schemes and foil tape where necessary.

The "Stunt" variant will come with an optional clamp and card if specified. In many of the behind-the-scenes photos, this stunt hilt was often seen without a clamp (and likely clamp card).

ANH Motorized F/X Stunt: 1250 USD SHIPPED
RotJ Resin Stunt: 50 USD SHIPPED (35 USD
if purchased with another hilt)

ANH V2 Finished.JPG
Resin Stunt V3.1.JPG

By request, I'm now offering these two specific finished versions of the stunt hilts. One beautiful and one terribly ugly, even by stunt-standards.

The ANH F/X option is the V2 kit, fully built, painted, and rigged with all the accoutrements to make it function as originally intended for STAR WARS in 1976. It will come with the correct speed motor, battery pack, red flip-switch, steel drive-shaft with custom bearing, my custom lever assembly, and square dowel coated in 3M reflective tape as the original F/X stunt did. The wiring isn't accurate but there's debate for what they are and as such, will be what I can source until more information is revealed (and you can replace them yourself any time, if you're willing). Batteries are not included as there's various shipping regulations about sending batteries.

The RotJ Resin Stunt is a casting of the V3 made for production of the third film in 1982. It later became the basis for the shop at Lucasfilm/ILM to produce the Yuma/Hero. The cast itself is hollow-cast out of resin and roughly painted to resemble the stunt hilts at the time. Using my own stunt hilt, I replicated the look of the real hilt as it was molded to make the resin stunt casts, based off of the photos from the Wired magazine article. The pictured hilt is based off the resin stunt piece used for the R2 air-cannon gag out in Death Valley for the Sail Barge sequence. It is intentionally made to be as rough as the real things were. These can come blank or finished by request (either with a common standard paintjob or like the Wired article); these literally take no effort to make.

The goal is to make the most accurate stunt hilts ever produced, and this run will continue to update as long as it is still running as new information is discerned and revealed.

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1st Run:
1) Steven Giunta - V3 PAID
2) Thd9791 - V2 PAID
3) veektohr - V2 PAID
4) ataru72ita - V3 PAID

2nd Run:
1) Dewy - V3 PAID
2) Moet19 - V3 PAID
3) Moet19 - Raw PAID
4) Mr. Mold Maker - V2 PAID

3rd Run:
1) Dewy - V2 PAID
2) Poikilotherm - V3 PAID
3) Skoota73 - V3 PAID
4) zachman8910 - V3 (Stunt) PAID

4th Run:
1) Halliwax - Raw PAID
2) Halliwax - Raw PAID
3) Dewy - V3 (stunt) PAID
4) thd9791 - V3 (stunt) PAID

5th Run:
1) steven giunta - V2 PAID
2) v312 - V2 PAID
3) DannyP91 - V2 PAID
4) Skoota73 - V3 PAID

1) Vadermania - V2 (FREE)

6th Run:
1) redbutton - Resin Stunt PAID
2) Moet19 - V3 Exhibit PAID
3) v312 - V3 Stunt PAID
4) Halliwax - V3 Stunt PAID

7th Run:
1) xwingercrash - Raw + Resin Stunt (Painted) PAID
2) el toro - V3 Exhibit (Finished) PAID
3) Crankyscorpion - V3 Exhibit (Finished)
4) ivuchan - Raw PAID

8th Run:
1) Halliwax - V3 Exhibit
2) Dewy - Raw + x2 Resin Stunt (Painted/Wired Gag)
3) Skoota73 - V2 + Resin Stunt
4) thd9791 -Resin Stunt

9th Run:
1) Corliss1 - V3 Exhibit (Finished) + Resin Stunt (Wired Gag)
2) Eruonen - V3 Exhibit + Resin Stunt (Painted)
3) ivuchan - V3 Exhibit (Finished) + Resin Stunt (Painted)
4) Halliwax - V2

10th Run:
1) Apollo IND - V3 Exhibit (Finished) + Resin Stunt (Painted)
2) Ron - V2
3) DannyP91 - V3 Exhibit + Resin Stunt
4) Ventuoguy - V2

11th Run:
1) 3251bimmer - V3 Exhibit + (x2) Resin Stunt
2) Halliwax - V3 Stunt
3) collector74 - V2 finished
4) BRRogers - Raw

12th Run:
1) Juvatwad - ANH FX
2) DaveP - V3 Exhibit + Resin Stunt
3) 3251bimmer - V3 Exhibit + Resin Stunt
4) Darth Napster - V3 Stunt + Resin Stunt

13th Run:
1) PrinzeZip - Raw
2) ScruffyLooking - ANH FX
3) JoeSheep - x2 Resin Stunt (Painted/Wired)
4) Skoota73 - V3 Exhibit + Resin Stunt

14th Run:
1) Moet19 - V2 (Finished)
2) livetoberadical - V3 Exhibit + Resin Stunt (Painted)
3) dcarty - V2 (Finished)
4) NCC1027 - V3 Exhibit

15th Run:
1) NCC1027 - V2
2) Teecrooz - V3 Exhibit or Raw + Resin Stunt
3) kurtyboy - V3 Exhibit (Finished)
4) Moet19 - V3 Stunt (Finished) + x2 Resin Stunt (Painted & Raw)

16th Run:
1) NCC1027 - Raw + Resin Stunt (Painted)
2) Moet19 - Raw
3) v312 - V2
4) steve guinta - x2 Resin Stunt

17th Run:
1) Moet19 - ANH FX

It's first come, first serve. So, anyone interested, please comment below and I'll add you to the list.


  • V3 Exhibit Kit Parts.JPG
    V3 Exhibit Kit Parts.JPG
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Following with interest!

I would say that the nipple doesn’t go quite so far into the emitter (see V3 hole depth) but I agree with the general construction.

Did you upscale the model at all to account for shrinkage and then subsequent machine cleanup?


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Following with interest!

I would say that the nipple doesn’t go quite so far into the emitter (see V3 hole depth) but I agree with the general construction.

Did you upscale the model at all to account for shrinkage and then subsequent machine cleanup?

Yep. All that's been taken into account. I made my 3d model roughly 1.5~2% larger than what is in the image to account for both the clean up work on the 3d printed piece, and the shrinkage that will occur during the casting process, and the further shrinkage from machine work.

As far as the V3 depth goes, this is how I see it in my head with the current construction set-up I have in mind.



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Thanks! I've not got any word on the print yet but it should be printing soon (they said it'd be around the 1st of June when I'd get any updates on it). Currently looking at what options are there for lathes and mills that I can afford to handle a project like this.

Sixth Element

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Awesome! I for one would be interested in a raw casting with no machine finishing work at all. We already have good versions of the V2 and V3 from Starkiller and Spirit. I think a raw "Proto saber" would be perfect.
Don Mac.


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Awesome! I for one would be interested in a raw casting with no machine finishing work at all. We already have good versions of the V2 and V3 from Starkiller and Spirit. I think a raw "Proto saber" would be perfect.
Don Mac.

Dunno if that may be an option, but I have and will consider it further, if I can manage really clean pulls. Most of my trials give casts with some overfill/edge deformation (but gone once machined).

Really, I just want a version of this prop that's as close to the original as possible.


Very excited to see this coming together!!!great work!!

It's even further along now. I'm currently figuring out how to work my current test cast. Although, it's not going as well as the casting went. It's all very much a learning experience.:wacko

May dress my test-prototype up as the SS/Resin-Air-Cannon and throw it up on the Junkyard once done to fund the next castings.
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So, I'm officially opening this up for a run, but I can't seem to change this thread from an "Interest" one to a "LTD Run" one, right now.

EDIT: Alright, got it. I just had to switch from Chrome to Edge to do the change. Anyone else having problems with Chrome blocking the edit page?
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