holy grail

  1. shpider

    New Indiana Jones Items from Disney - Sankara Stone, Crystal Skull, Holy Grail, Idol

    I just saw this display at Star Wars Celebration. The Crystal skull isn't too bad, but not great... I think dimensionally, it looks to be on the small side… The Grail looks to be about on par with the Grails available from China on AliExpress... Also, passable, but not great... But the Sankara...
  2. Kobeque

    Yet another version of the Holy Grail from Indiana Jones

    I know this is one of the more oversaturated prop replica projects, but I thought I could contribute something to it. I 3D modelled this grail based on screenshots from the film and then printed it on my Anycubic i3 Mega. It was more of a paint test than anything, and I think it turned out...
  3. Jake Kassnoff

    Holy Grail From Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

    I was cutting up a coconut for my Monty Python Cosplay and realized that the halves looked an awful lot like the grail from Last Crusade: Tutorial Video
  4. Snow Builder

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Trojan Rabbit

    This was a quickie-project, assembled and painted in an evening. It's made from cardboard, craft foam and pink-sheet insulation. If I were going to do it again I'd probably refine the head shape and texture a little better, but overall very happy with how it turned out.
  5. DrHoot13

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail: King Arthur, The Knights of the Round Table, & Tim Costumes

    So about a month ago I began the new adventure of designing and fabricating the costumes for King Arthur, Sir Bedevere, Sir Lancelot, Sir Robin, Sir Galahad, and Tim the Enchanter. So far I have made great strides at getting as much detail as I can from the film. I was even lucky enough to find...