New Dragon Suit in Progress


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This started when I discovered that I had a passion for dragons when doing sculptures and drawings( though my art teacher ended up stealing them). Then I was chatting with one of my friends, David who is currently doing an Iron Man suit, and got the idea that I should also make a suit. Just Dragon style. Link to David’s Iron Man Suit :

I first thought it would take till I was 80 to finish this suit(sarcasm). But then I thought well I might as well start anyway. Currently I just finished the sketches for it and they are EPIC. As of yet, I do not have a deadline and just try to do whatever I can in my free time.

Thanks go to David who is the person who inspired me and is also a very experienced builder and probably tomorrow’s number one engineer/ inventor.
:) Hope yall like the stuff im gonna do and don't forget to subscribe!


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Ok finally got some pics and links and everything working. Since i couldn't get natural lighting for the pictures they are a bit yellowish. I will try to get better quality soon. I will also probably tell you what the writing is on Saturday. Enjoy!:cool


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Got some new pictures. This time they are colored and probably with better quality. I will be uploading them up on Sunday, or Moday at the latest. Keep tuned!
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