Building another Iron Man Mark 3 after a decade. 3D Printed and mechanized.


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Hey guys I'm Stefan the All-In Nerd and I'm a Iron Man addict.
*Hey Stefan*

I'm in the middle of building a full Mark 3 suit that I'll be using on a Comic Con here in Sthlm Sweden in November 2023.
I started the project in December 2022 so I should have plenty of time.
10 years ago I decided to build my first Iron Man suit out of EVA-foam and it turned out ok!
But I said back then that I wanted to make a better one with 3D-printing but 3D-printing wasn't that common back then for 'normal' people. :lol:
I actually bought a printer back then and spent 10 hours assembling it just for it to burn up the first time I switched it on!
But if you want to check out that suit that I made here's the link!

Since I was posting here back then when I was building the suit I thought that I should do the same right now, this is just such a great place to find information about all these kinds of stuff. And I want to give something back during this journey.
Sadly I don't have a great amount of pictures yet since I mainly film what I've been doing.
But I've been doing some updates on YouTube during this time so I'll post those here:

Update #1:
Update #2:
Update #3:

I have 2 printers, a Creality Ender-3 S Pro and a Creality CR10 Smart Pro. And they've been busy!
Right now I'm working on several pieces at the same time since I'm waiting for some more parts to arrive. And it's just so hard not to start all the fun parts of the suit! :D
I'm working both on the back with the backflaps that I'm going to try and mechanize and finishing up the gloves/hands which took me quite some time before I found out how to try this.

I'm really happy how the arm-missile turned out and learning how to code and play with Arduinos is really fun! :D

I almost have all the parts printed. At the moment I'm printing the chest pieces.
After that I have the abs, cod, collar and neck-piece left.
The plan is to try some flexible filament (TPU) for the neck. I haven't tried anything like that before so that's going to be interesting! :)
I'm going to get some better pictures for the next update but I hope you like it so far! :D
Have a great day!
Pew pew!


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I've finished up the helmet now and got the paintjob on the gloves done. Just waiting for some electronics to finish those up. 207 days to my deadline! :D


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