Need Model Painting HELP!!


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I wanted to know if someone here knows what types of paint, Colors would be good to use to make a model space ship that was breaking apart look like it has fire inside like it was about to explode, kind of lava looking glossy shine to it? The ship has big cracks going all around it (Like a street that is cracking apart with lava runnig under it)and its about to explode the fire is BRIGHT but no flames. Hope this is a good enough description. The ship is 10 inches long
Thanks for any help :D

If I posted this in the wrong forum can someone let me know which it should be in.


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It all depends on the effect you want.

Is this a painting Effect or paint job?

I know there are some model paints that reflect light
and that would give you the look you described for taking photos,
but it may not look like that in daylight.


New Member might have some good tips, one really cool display i've seen used the insulation foam from a can, that you spray, the guy had created "clouds" with the stuff, then airbrushed it with flourescent reds and oranges and yellows and black, to make it look like a fireball explosion. I would say the flourescent paints are the way to go, but they may need to be lit from inside the model to acheive the look you are seeking.




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the best way to make it pop out is to keep the colors of the
ship dark as to get as much contrast as you can.

paint the carbon scarring first, then paint the firery parts as bright white
as possible, then use transparent and fluorecent colors (orange yellow)
to paint the fire try to keep it as bright as possible.

last paint some dark brown and black dabs on the fire parts to simulate
smoke or cooler parts, remember to keep the dabbing at the right scale.

it's difficult to do without light, but is does work :D

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