Need help to fix a cap shield from EFX collectible


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F6E0D4EF-E9DF-41A2-B492-D2F0EEDE0593.jpeg Hello guys,

Need help to fix a cap shield from EFX collectibles. Bought it from someone who said he received it like this and never had the guts to destroy it to have a replacement. If that story is true. It is missing one rivet that hold a hinge with straps. There is a cracked hole on the edge and some paint defects. Need to know what kind of rivet is needed? What to use to fill the crack hole, if possible? Need to know what paint to use if i wish to redo it? What tools and technics to use? Tryed to reach via email EFX and Gino Sabatino, complete radio silence from their part. Then SAT, because according to the certificate, they made the original prop and supplied parts for EFX to produce the replicas. Silence from them too. Am i asking for state secrets? Does someone on that forum has the knowledge or connections? Reminder, the shield is made from fiberglass. Please see pictures. Thanks for the help.