1. COlson

    Makita (from "The Red Star")

    I am very pleased and excited to get to finally reveal this commission paint job I did on this fantastic sculpt of Makita, from the graphic novel "The Red Star", by Christian Gossett. The sculptor of this figure is unknown and only 2 of these figures were ever produced. I feel very privileged...
  2. R

    New to Prop Making

    Hello all! Just joined and also just recently started making props. Is it possible to make a tooth/fang look real using brush paints? If so what process/techniques do you use? Also, if anyone knows of any good resources for general painting of props, such as guides and videos, I would be...
  3. C

    Need help to fix a cap shield from EFX collectible

    Hello guys, Need help to fix a cap shield from EFX collectibles. Bought it from someone who said he received it like this and never had the guts to destroy it to have a replacement. If that story is true. It is missing one rivet that hold a hinge with straps. There is a cracked hole on the edge...
  4. Nowonder

    Harry Potter trunk canvas and paint

    Hi people, I happen to have just bought a bentwood steamer trunk that I would like to customize and make look like a Hogwarts trunk. Matter is it happens to have a couple of holes in the canvas. I've seen a lot of threads here on these strunks, so I was wondering what might be the best approach...
  5. Nerf Gun Conversion

    Nerf Gun Conversion

  6. Nerf Gun Conversion

    Nerf Gun Conversion

  7. Nerf Gun Conversion

    Nerf Gun Conversion