1. ZoiddBergg

    Infinity War Tony Stark Shirt Help

    Hello, I'm back again looking for more help haha, does anyone know where to get an exact copy of the compression shirt worn by RDJ in Infinity war? I found a place that made them but went back the other day and they're gone from their website, It needs to have the side bits of the collar raised...
  2. dannylopuz

    Limited Run Avengers Endgame: Quantum Suit Leather Jacket!

    Hey guys! I'm starting a limited run of jackets based on the Quantum Suit design from Endgame. Hope that's not a spoiler since that's what everyone has been calling it since before the movie came out. This jacket is insane, with lots of details and 3d printed stuff. This is a great chance to...
  3. ZoiddBergg

    What is the best material to cast an Iron Man suit?

    Hello, I will be getting a 3D printer some point this year, the first project I want to work on is either Iron Man Mark 46 or 85, once the 3D prints are done I will be making silicone molds of them but I don't know what to cast them out of, can anyone give any recommendations? Thank you.
  4. 7sinzz

    Captain Marvel Pager WORKING SCREEN!!! Pic Heavy!

    I've been working on this Captain Marvel pager for a few weeks now and initially used the STL from thingiverse. I later decided that it wasn't very accurate, so I used it as a base and created my own STL for the pager. I also had to build it around the dimensions to fit the electronics inside...
  5. maflinchbaugh

    SPOILERS - Thanos's Blade from End Game 3d Printable Model ( In Development)

    Hey all, I'm new over here to the RPF, however wanted to share this with you guys, I modeled up Thanos's blade prior to seeing End Game, now that I've seen End Game once I've made some tweaks to it, and am going to begin 3d printing it, as I feel it is currently close enough to do a full size...
  6. F


    just seen this tony stark's infinity gauntlet on Instagram, expecting loads of new props and 3D models about it :'D can't wait to print my own gauntlet.
  7. JKKS

    Marvel WTT Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet

    Looking to trade my Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet for the following items (in that order): - Marvel Legends Ant-Man Helmet - Black Series Darth Vader Helmet - Black Series Kylo Ren Helmet Gauntlet is in brand new condition with working electronics and comes compete in its original box. Price...
  8. The14thDr

    Stormbreaker Pepakura Build (Infinity War/Endgame)

    I absolutely adore Thor's not-so-new-anymore weapon and with Endgame just around the corner I knew I had to add it to my collection! For this build I’m using the awesome Herban - Props/MasterMod Pepakura file as a base, which I downloaded from here. This isn’t the most detailed model but I plan...
  9. AgentOfShield

    Marvel Captain America Shield Replica CATTOYS

    CATTOYS full size Captain America shield replica. Made of ABS plastic featuring high gloss metallic paint finish, metal buckles, and faux leather arm straps. Diameter is just under 24”, which is the diameter of the prop used in the Avengers films. Perfect for display or cosplay, grab it just...
  10. Chuey

    Marvel Avengers Costume Request for April 25, 2019, at Orlando Disney Springs AMC 24

    Greetings, Moderators, if this needs to be edited or moved, please advise. So this post is for East Coast folks and for those of you who know East Coast Marvel costumers, particularly those in Florida. Someone is seeking Avengers costumed fans to attend a special 5 pm showing of “Avengers...
  11. Thodiphash

    Nick Fury / Captain Marvel Pager Beeper - Avengers Prop

    Hi everyone, long time fan of the site, just wanted to share my new build of a Nick Fury pager. I know it's not screen accurate (clearly), but it is made from a Motorola pager and all real world parts. (I had a broken laptop that I finally cannibalized) No 3d printed parts. There is a bluetooth...
  12. Soulinertia

    Limited Run Captain Marvel / Nick Fury pager built off a real Motorola!

    For some time now I've been working on a custom built Nick Fury / Captain Marvel cosmic pager built on an actual Motorola pager with highly detailed SLA 3D printed parts, modeled and printed by JOATRASH FX on his FormLabs2 printer. I know the pager seen on screen doesn't exist in real life, but...
  13. oblagon

    Marvel Lager Toys Full Metal Avengers Thor Hammer 1/1 Size Thor Mjolnir Hammer Light Up

    No International shipping Shipping is included in price Solid metal Thor hammer and rock base. The base comes with a removable plate for you to install the lights; they're still in the package along with the battery holder as I never got around to installing them. Just been on display since I...
  14. oblagon

    Marvel Iron Man 3 MKVII Right arm 1:1 wearable

    No International sales Shipping is included in price Made from ABS and is padded on the inside. The palm lights up and rocket pod will open/close via a servo. I've just had this on display and never lit it up, but it comes complete with the packaging and battery packs .
  15. oblagon

    Marvel 1:1 Loki Staff Avengers

    No International sales Shipping is included in the price This is the 1:1 Loki staff(47") made by Lager. Everything on it minus the blue globe is made of metal, so it's pretty heavy. Comes with all the packaging and brown shipper.
  16. C

    Need help to fix a cap shield from EFX collectible

    Hello guys, Need help to fix a cap shield from EFX collectibles. Bought it from someone who said he received it like this and never had the guts to destroy it to have a replacement. If that story is true. It is missing one rivet that hold a hinge with straps. There is a cracked hole on the edge...
  17. iamshazam


    I figured it was about time I post a build after being a long time member and silent builder...I am currently working on a 3D print / build of the MK50 battle damaged helmet from the Avengers Endgame trailer. I'll be posting update pics and such here as I go and will provide the build video...
  18. Wolverineknows

    Help looking for Thor's Jacket Avengers: End Game

    Hey everyone, as I am sure we all saw the trailer by now just wanted to ask if anyone can help me ID Thor's jacket. I think it would be pretty cool to wear it to the movies for when its coming out. Any help is appreciated, thanks so much.
  19. tmax

    27 x Hot Toys & Sideshow Figures - NIB

    27 Hot Toys and Sideshow 1/6 figures. All figures are New In Box unless otherwise stated. Here's the list... Hot Toys Captain America – Rescue Uniform Version MMS180 - $340 Captain America – The First Avenger MMS156 - $280 Thor – Avengers MMS175 - $190 Iron Man 2 – Mark IV MMS123 (opened but...
  20. A

    Infinity Gauntlet on Clearance

    Just a heads up to my fellow collectors, Walmart is clearancing the Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet for $45.00 right now! I live in a relatively large city (Fort Worth, Texas) and after a few calls found a Walmart less than 30 minutes from me that had one in stock. Definitely not trying...
  21. Sni9er

    Captain Marvel Build - NEMA

    Hey Guys! So after me and a few buddies saw the trailer and thought about it more and more I want to kick off the documentation of a new project, Captain Marvel I'm working in part of a team NEMA (North East Makers Alliance) as we figure if we work together we can make something really...
  22. verdaera

    Avengers Black Widow - silk screened fabric experiment

    Hello! I didn't post a build thread while I was making this, I still have a bit of work to do on it. The first Avenger's movie is still my favorite of all the Avenger's movies, and I love Black Widow's suit from that one. I made a Civil War suit, but I learned some new things in the discussions...
  23. akprice44's Captain America : Age of Ultron Suit

    akprice44's Captain America : Age of Ultron Suit

    Here is a pic of my build of Cap's AOU suit for my entry for the "new to RPF" category in the Costume Contest
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    Avengers Family

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  25. The Iron Zombie

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