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  1. craigjohn

    Star Wars EFX Mandalorian Helmet Season 1

    EFX Collectibles Mandalorian Helmet Season 1. LFL Officially Licensed - Limited Edition: #68 of 750 Master patterns cast from the molds used to make the screen-used helmets. NO DIGITAL SCANS! Made in high quality, hand-laid fiberglass Fully padded interior Full Scale 1:1 Prop Replica Helmet...

    EFX Boba Fett Helmet reinforcement??

    Maybe this is a question for the dented helmet, but I'm thinking I'd like to purchase the EFX Boba ESB Helmet. The reviews say this is overall a great helmet! However besides a few small paint errors, the main complaint is just how thin the bucket is. Anyone have recommendations, or perform...
  3. C

    Need help fixing a EFX CAPTAIN AMERICA SHIELD (rivets)

    Hello, need help to identify the rivets that are on the EFX captain america shield. One is missing, it is the one on the hinge that holds the straps together on the upper side of the strap where you are suppose to put your hand. And i imagine it is like identifying a screw which is a bit of a...
  4. C

    Need help to fix a cap shield from EFX collectible

    Hello guys, Need help to fix a cap shield from EFX collectibles. Bought it from someone who said he received it like this and never had the guts to destroy it to have a replacement. If that story is true. It is missing one rivet that hold a hinge with straps. There is a cracked hole on the edge...