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  1. Thain

    MCU Spider-Man 'Homemade' Webshooters Kit

    One extra set of resin 'homemade' webshooters from Spider-Man: Homecoming from my recent run. These are the most accurate replicas of these webshooters you can find, using all the same hardware as the real props. Many many many hours of research and a handful of talented folks went into making...
  2. Jake Kassnoff

    Magnetic Thor Hammer Mjolnir

    From CB Radio magnetic antennas:
  3. chocobo86

    CATTOYS Captain America ABS Shield

    Hello! You are looking at a CatToys Captain America ABS Shield. Shield is 24 inches in diameter with a 9 inch Star. Shield is decently heavy so shipping through UPS is around $30, willing to go 1/2s on the shipping. Feel free to ask questions!
  4. chocobo86

    Colossus Fine Art Bust - Kotobukiya Collection

    Hello! You are looking at a Colossus Fine Art Bust. This is from the Marvel Comics Presents - The Kotobukiya Collection. This has been displayed in a smoke and pet free home. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or offers. Thanks!
  5. chocobo86

    Captain America Hot Toys MMS242 S.T.R.I.K.E. Stealth Suit

    Hi! You are looking at a New in Box Captain America Hot Toys Stealth Suit figure. Please feel free to reach out to ask any questions you may have or an offer :) Thanks!

    Iron Man Mark85 "endgame" 3Dprinted Cosplay

    WELCOME TO MY ENDGAME Hey guys, my name's Caio, i'm from Sao Paulo, Brasil. I would like to share my project with you. When I started the armor, in June of last year, it was in the interval between two things, I had just finished the Stormbreaker and would start Thanos' dual blade sword, but...
  7. alenami

    Iron Man MK4 (WIP)

    Hello everyone! Let’s do my first post here! This is my MK IV eva foam so far. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Aditrap

    Collection: One year after making my own

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking in the RPF for a few years every once in a while but only really started to get active. I love seeing everyone's progress and finished builds so I thought I'd share what I've been able to make since I got a 3D printer last year. Still have a lot to learn and I've...
  9. ciancon

    Mysterio (Spiderman: Far From Home)

    Hi guys, back in October of last year I completed a Mysterio costume that I was pretty pleased with. Now, thanks to the lockdown, I've finally gotten around to documenting all the work that went into the project. There's a bit too much information to include in one blog post, so check out the...
  10. Rook

    Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain America Shield NIB

    Hello! Continental US Bidders only, please contact me before using the Buy button. Selling a brand new, never opened Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain America Shield. Pretty self explanatory, message me with questions.
  11. Rook

    Marvel Captain America Costume

    Hi friends! Continental US buyers only, contact me before using the Buy button. I bought this off Amazon a few years back, but I have been kicking my butt dieting and working out, lost 40 lbs and it is now too big! I have bought the same model, only smaller and I thought I'd offer this one up...
  12. TheForgeProps

    Thor Stormbreaker - Marvel Endgame (3d print and foam)

    Hi everyone! I've just joined the RPF (after a long time lurking) and have recently finished up a Stormbreaker build during the lockdown. I thought I'd show the photos off and show the build process! The head is 3d printed, from PLA and resin, and the handle is foam over a metal pipe - I'll...
  13. K

    Green Goblin Mask

    Hi Iam thinking about making a green goblin costume for Halloween and found this latex mask on Amazon I was thinking of using as a base, only problem is I have never worked with latex before and I have no idea how to paint it
  14. Jamesdruffin

    Knull (God Of The Symbiotes)

    Hello All, With quarantine going on I decided to get started on a Knull/Necrosword build, for the base chest/back I used the "Adonis" pattern from Kamui cosplay then tweaked it to my liking. Everything else was done by drawing onto different size Eva Foam from Michaels. The same goes for the...
  15. DarthJ

    Marvel Baby Groot Figure

    Selling off most of my Marvel collection, so this is next in line. Baby Groot figure that I have had for a few years stands 6" tall by around 4" wide Asking $125.00 shipped (in US)
  16. DaBuild

    GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY vol.2: Rocket/Groot Bomb detonator FULL METAL Build

    '' DON'T PUSH THAT BUTTON!!! '' :) Hello people, This is Rocket bomb detonator from Guardians of the galaxy vol.2 used by baby Groot. It's a full metal build prop replica with no electronic. It's only a static prop. It weights roughly 1kg (yeah!) and is about 6 inches long. Since there...
  17. JKRIB

    MARVEL Shirts - SHIELD Smile GUARDIANS Star Lord

    $27 + shipping (Based on your location) This listing is for 2 Tee Shirts. Smile For Science was Elizabeth Henstridge's charity T shirt. All proceeds went to Smile Train, who provides corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates. The shirt is sold out, as it was only available...
  18. JKRIB

    ArtFunk 24'' Captain America Shield TWS Fiberglass

    $465 + shipping (Based on your location) This shield was part of a limited run by ArtFunk. Design is accurate to the MCU Captain America shield. Battle damage is in the style of "The Winter Soldier" movie. Made of fiberglass with leather straps on the back. Size is 24 inches Weighs 6 pounds...
  19. R

    vulcher spider man home coming

    so i dip in and out all the time but this is my first post so lets start with a bang im looking to start making the vulcher wings back pack and exo legs so ideas time wing span of 7m total each wing at about 3.5 m feather to first hinge point 140cm first hinge to secend hinge 2.10cm...
  20. MoeSizzlac

    My Iron Man Mark VII Helmet with Working Face Mask

    Well here it is, the beginning of 2020 and I had done a little work on transforming 1.05 Iron Man MkVII Helmet by Darkside501st pepakura from a paper item: to a printable 3D Item. Need to separate parts out so that I can get my fat head in and out easily OK, so let's get a rundown...
  21. Thaxton12

    Ironman Flight stabilizer boots

    Just a sneak peek of the flight stabilizer boots from Ironman 1. This is V2 of my previous build. This is completely flexible!!! Can’t wait to share how fluid this thing moves as well as capabilities.
  22. Peralton

    Red Guardian (Black Widow 2020) - Fabric Search

    Hey, all. I'm looking at what it will take to recreate the Red Guardian costume seen in the recent Black Widow trailer. The fabric looks to have a very tight hexagon texture to it. Anyone have a thought on where it came from , or something similar? Thanks.
  23. pestulio07

    Captain America - Barbarian

    Hello, all! This weekend I was finally able to debut my newest cosplay that I've been dying to do for the past 5 years! It's loosely based off of a version of Captain America from the 2015 Secret Wars series... I started with the shield roughly 4 years ago, and it was sitting in a closet...
  24. Thaxton12

    Mk 43 opening armor. WIP

    So guys this is just a proof of concept. So bear with me lol If you’ve seen my previous posts, you know I’ve been working on a Mk 43 suit. I’m building it using 3d printed parts, but mostly I’m using aluminum for the frame. What you see here is just a proof of concept, in regards to an eject...
  25. Foamnoob42

    Punisher War Machine EVA Foam Build by a complete novice!

    Hey guys, I'm very new to cosplay. Never touched a chunk of EVA foam in my life. So I thought the best cosplay to ease me into the hobby was a super complex suit of armour made out of foam. I am a smart person who makes good decisions XD. It's not too bad though. Someone else already did a...

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