1. JamesDean

    Bruce Banner Glass from Thor Ragnarok

    Hey all! Anyone got advice on where to find glasses like these?
  2. evoskater

    Star Lord belt (without D-Rings)

    Hello! I am selling my old Starlord belt (without the d-rings) I am asking for 50 € + Shipping ( I am located in europe = if you live in europe shipping will be cheaper.) PLEASE PM ME AND DON`T USE THE BUY NOW BUTTON! Message me via PN. :) Feel free to ask or make offers :)
  3. evoskater

    Captain America 1945 Rescue Cap Cosplay

    Hello! I am selling my Rescue Cap Cosplay because I am not going to many cons and I have too many cosplays haha xD (also want to tackle some new projects and need to make space) :D I am asking for everything: 320 € ~ 330 USD + Shipping ( I am located in europe = if you live in europe shipping...
  4. 3

    Marvel Screen Used Iron Man 2 Arc Reactor Blueprint (with Prop Store COA)

    Good morning all! I'm thinning out the collection a bit more. I'm selling my screen used Ivan Vanko Arc Reactor Blueprint from Iron Man 2. This print can be seen at the beginning of the movie when Ivan is looking through drawings and blueprints. It's custom framed, and comes with a COA from...
  5. ATBrooks

    Deadpool mask half shell

    Hey guys. So I just got my El Fett / Professional Cosplay Deadpool 2 suit but the current mask I have (by IlustraStudios) doesn’t match the same shade as the suit. Does anyone have a half shell Deadpool 2** (not Deadpool 1) mask that they’d sell or know someone who would? Below I’ll post a few...
  6. CrossfireProps

    Limited Run Iron Man MK1 Helmet

    Hey all! Wanted to share my latest paint up as well announce a small run of Iron Man MK1 Helmets! Tony Stark may have built this in a cave, but I painted it in a 100 degree garage! These are resin casts from the one and only TJackFX that are finished and painted by me. Each one is painted in...
  7. ATBrooks

    Looking for a Deadpool half shell mask

    Hey everyone, I’m looking for a HALF SHELL DEADPOOL MASK by EL FETT, GEEKEDDEAD or ILUSTRASTUDIOS, if anyone has one they’d sell. Extra eye expressions would be great too as I have an appearance to do soon and unfortunately, I don’t have the time to wait on one from the makers themselves...
  8. darthwhitey

    Sideshow 1:1 Ironman Mk3 bust

    BNIB. Never opened. Too many props! Check out my other FS threads! Cheers
  9. darthwhitey

    Marvel Legends Star Lord helmet

    BNIB...only opened to inspect contents. Ships from the USA Check out my many other FS threads...too many props to display! Cheers
  10. darthwhitey

    Rocketeer StarLord helmet FINISHED

    Another one I hate to see go!...selling props I can't display! This is a beauty. Fully finished TWO PIECE helmet with light up eyes. Previous owner said it was finished by the Rocketeer back in 2017/2018. Never worn or displayed by me. :( Check out my other FS threads! Ships from the USA...
  11. darthwhitey

    Thor Ragnarok helmet FINISHED

    I really hate to see this beauty go... RPF member TJackFX's helmet painted by the incredibly talented Mr Mold Maker Finished in a weathered "idealized" style that looks AMAZING in person! I've got too many props to display and I'm cleaning house, check out my other FS threads! Ships from the...
  12. darthwhitey

    Black Panther 1:1 helmet - Killerbody

    A really nice wearable End Game Black Panther helmet. Also a great display helmet. BNIB...never displayed. Only opened to examine and take pics. **This version of the helmet comes with no stand and no electronics. New in original box and original shipper. Ships from the USA Scale: Life-Size...
  13. Mystery

    Spider-Man: Lotus Suit Replica From The Original Makers

    Hey everyone, I have been a long-time member here and all the way back starting this account I had the ultimate goal of owning a movie accurate Spider-Man suit. After 10 years I think we are finally there! While working on my comic accurate suit Mystery's Comic Spider-Man Build (Pic Heavy) I...
  14. Jacob Center

    Any suggestions on textured fabric for Spider-Man suit?

    So I'm planning on making the new version of the Advanced suit from Spider-Man 2, and was wondering if anyone knows some good distributers of screen printed fabric with this small dotted texture. I already know about the clear dot spandex from spandex world, but the dots are a bit too big for my...
  15. Pepperbone

    Marvel's SECRET WARS

    I can't imagine Secret Wars not happening. And hopefully the Russos will drive it. D23 should be interesting this year.
  16. Sithslayer78

    (One Shot) Just finished up my Shang Chi Costume with a crapton of Resin Cast Details

    So what follows is the build book for a cosplay contest I entered. I'm terrible at documenting builds in progress because almost all of my work happens in crunch time, but here's what I got. It's formatted to discuss the build in parts, with a sort of planning stage in the beginning. My goal...
  17. Gojira72

    Moon Knight Fabric

    So the new Moon Knight Costume is a thing of absolute beauty. In my desire to replicate it I have been trying to identify which fabric was used for a majority of the costume. I'm sure that the fabric was probably some highly custom printed fabric that might be a little hard for the public to...
  18. S

    Mr. Knight Suit Patter

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows what the patterns for the outside and inside of the Mr. Knight suit are, thanks.
  19. jvear12190

    SpiderMan Upgraded Replica suit

    Hello everyone, I am new to this so I hope you guys may find this thread or post interesting, maybe even helpful, or inspire you to make your own suit. I was hesitant to star one of these because I wasn’t sure if my work but now on starting on my second attempt I figured I could take the time to...
  20. darthwhitey

    KillerBody Life Size Iron Man Mk7 helmet...

    Brand new in box. Opened to check contents. Everything in perfect shape. Too many props! Check out my other FS threads! Cheers ** Shoot me a PM if you "buy it now" using the button. -Scale: 1:1 -Size: Head circumference: 53-63cm -Material: PC/ABS/EVA/CPM -Description: -Wearable -Two control...
  21. Probably Iconic

    Marvel Legends: Eye of Agamotto UPGRADE?

    Hey has anyone on here tried to upgrade the Hasbro Eye of Agamotto in any way? I have one coming in soon and I'm planning on an upgrade. Wanted to see if there was anyone out there who attempted to paint it or disassemble it at all.
  22. dallinkjones

    Captain America First Avenger Cosplay

    Wanted to share my Captain America First Avenger cosplay. I love the chase scene right after Steve gets the serum and the foreshadowing of wielding his shield by holding up the Lucky Star taxi door. I found some helpful posts here on therpf (specifically this one) and decided to build my own...
  23. rbarz

    Dark Hold- Marvel/Wandavision

    Hello! Does anyone know if there are copies of pages from the Dark Hold book from Wanda Vision/Marvel, or anything similar? Thanks.
  24. CrossfireProps

    Khonshu Imprisonment Statue - Moon Knight

    Hey all, just wanted to share my latest project! I recently painted up these Kohnshu Statues from the new Moon Knight Series. This is my first time trying to paint faux stone and I'm pretty happy with the results! These were resin 3D Prints that I textured with a rattle can and then based them...
  25. Jake Kassnoff

    Re-Forged Mjolnir - Thor Love And Thunder