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SPY007 Here's a list of all kinds of photomultipliers available with serial numbers :

ROTJ Reveal Dynodes - BeCu Venetian blind.jpg

... for this ROTJ detonator/bunker bomb you're looking for the Venetian blind in silver = AgMgO i.e. 9603/1B, 9642/1B, 9643/1B ... now I don't know which one has the screen-accurate dynodes, if there are minute differences, or perhaps all do ... yet at least we narrowed it down to 3 photomultipliers.

For your information the other photomultipliers with Venetian blinds are copper = BeCu and could be used for a Darth Vader's Reveal Facemask.

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Indeed as you can see here (pictures courtesy Roy Gilsing) :


From the wannawanga website :

Dynodes correct-vs-mirrored.jpg

If you don't want to risk buying a complete photomultiplier with the wrong variant go to Roy's website and get version B (plenty available) a mirrored version yet still vintage ;)



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Well I have started putting together my DL-21. I accurately cut the notch in the Sterling grip put a bolt through it and turned down the barrel to fit the Mortar fin.



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