My new Prop Room - a work in progress


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It's always hard to display things neatly when you've got a big collection and not enough room. You've come up with some clever ways to make the most of the space available.

Looking forward to what you come up with when you and the GF get a house. :)


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Thanks Guys:D.

I put up the Indy posters up last night. I'm not 100% happy, but sometimes there's nothing you can do. I would have really liked to keep the posters all on the same plane, but those A/C ducts really put a kink in my design.

Will be putting up some shelves tonight and will snap some more pics.



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OK gang, I'm now a few steps closer :D.

As you can see, I've added the last of the posters and a few more props

Here are the pics:

First up, ALIENS and Gremlins

Next up, my Indy collection

My Last Crusade collection is complete, I'm waiting for my girlfriend to finish goldleafing my Idol for my ROTLA collection and I think I'm just going to sculpt some Sankara Stones for my TOD display.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks to WC for hosting



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wooooooooooooooooooooow. excellent bud.......could be a museum for star wars fans..... :D


Originally posted by Gigatron@Mar 27 2006, 01:23 PM
just a bump for the weekday crowd



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Well, this is it, we're down to the wire. I'm officially living here in my new prop room. All that needs to be done is adding the golden idol from Indy ROTLA and some props from Indy TOD (will be sculpting some sankara stones and making an antidote vial). I'll also be adding wooden blinds in the next couple of weeks (had to order them online).

Anywho on to the pics:

As you walk in to the room:

My Indy display:

And the view from the couch:

Let me know what you think :).

Thanks to WC for hosting.



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Originally posted by Gigatron@Mar 12 2006, 10:05 PM
Hey Gang,

I'm in the middle of moving in to a new apartment.  Since I'll have a room-mate, I can really only decorate my room.  With that in mind, I have to be extremely creative as to how things get displayed.

Anyhow, on with the pics

First, my Star Wars wall:

Entertainment system and shelves.  Aliens and Gremlins will be on that wall:

Wall opposite Star Wars.  Has my computer desk, sword collection and will eventually be home to my Indiana Jones collection:

I'll be updating the pics as more stuff goes in.

Let me know what you think or if you want pics of anything in particular.

Thanks to WC for hosting.


WOW :eek


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Thanks guys :D, glad everyone likes it.

The boomerang I picked up a few years ago on the board. Someone was selling their kit that they had lying around, so I bought it and finished it up. Just one of those cool, not-seen-too-often props that I enjoy.



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looks good. I love the poster/prop display idea. One suggestion for you tho'. The 'front' of the room looks very crowded, especially with the sliding doors of the closet. I think replacing the inner sliding door with a mirrored door and then 'attaching' your dvd case to the outer door (put it on small casters so it doesn't put any undue downward pressure on the door) Also, if you were to find another tv stand that could hold all your components (I use an old dresser with the drawers fronts removed and it holds 9 components and a sub-woofer) I think it'd really open up the front of the room and give added room for props. (most important thing ;) )

The following pic is my sloppy touch-up of your pic to show you better what I mean:



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Looks Great. I can't wait till this divorce is over so I can get my own place and set some thing up. That room really looks nice.


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Thanks guys :).

Damn Nekro, you put as much thought into the room as I did, :lol. I think for now, I'm going to leave it as is. All the new furniture set me back a pretty penny, so replacing anything is out of the question for a while.

I figure given enough time, funds will replenish and my need to rearrange will kick in, so I'm sure I'll be open to some suugestions then :).

Thanks again, gang.



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Love the props, but as a fellow sword collector, the accidental sword related deaths are all to common. Here is just the most recent.

Falling sword kills teen

BRANDON, Fla. -- A teenager died after he was slashed by a sword that dislodged from the wall of his bedroom while he was playing ball with his siblings, authorities said.

The sheriff's office said 15-year-old Joshua Hershberger was sitting on the floor of his bedroom Monday night, bouncing a ball with his 9-year-old sister and 14-year-old brother. The ball bounced up and knocked a 29-inch sword off the wall where it was displayed.

The high school sophomore was slashed in the shoulder and neck and was pronounced dead at a hospital in Brandon, a Tampa suburb.

The death is being considered an accident and no charges are expected to be filed.

Terrible event, but this should serve as a reminder, that anything we hang on the walls should be well-secured, or at least in a sheath / scabbard.

Two fundamental rules

Rule 1: Never tell yourself that you will never drop your sword or cut yourself. At some point you will do both.

Rule 2: A sword isnt truly yours until it bites you.

here is an katan accident related thread at the sword forum