My new Prop Room - a work in progress


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Hey Gang,

I'm in the middle of moving in to a new apartment. Since I'll have a room-mate, I can really only decorate my room. With that in mind, I have to be extremely creative as to how things get displayed.

Anyhow, on with the pics

First, my Star Wars wall:

Entertainment system and shelves. Aliens and Gremlins will be on that wall:

Wall opposite Star Wars. Has my computer desk, sword collection and will eventually be home to my Indiana Jones collection:

I'll be updating the pics as more stuff goes in.

Let me know what you think or if you want pics of anything in particular.

Thanks to WC for hosting.



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I love the minis with the posters. I don't think I've seen that before. Can't wait to see more pics as you finish up.


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WOW. Great room.

(I see my Raiders map in the last pic :D )

Post more pics when the room is finished.

When I decorated my office/prop room I went with a neo retro 1940's scif deal. Creating the environment for collectables is just as fun as c9ollecting them.



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Thanks, guys :).

Exodus, I decided that I wanted to display the most recognizable props from each film with the poster. For the OT, the choice was easy. The PT on the other hand was a little different. There were a lot more sabers involved, so in order to cut down on costs, I decided to go with the minis. I could display 9 sabers, but at only $35 each, it was a lot more affordable. Now if MR would only release their PT sabers at the CS level for $100, I could replace the minis with full size.

DS, That is indeed your Raider's map. I put it in a plain $3 wood frame from Ikea. Stain the wood to age it, and it looks like it's been there for a hundred years. I agree, setting up the room is just as much fun as collectiong. I must've rearranged that room on paper a dozen time before I settled on anything. And I occassionally still move stuff around. I think the trick to a nice display is focus. Pick a theme and go with it. If it means somethings can't be displayed, then so be it. I'd rather a nice clean display with a few props, then a complete and total cluster of everything.

PH and Goldenrod, thanks guys :D. I'm a big time IZ fan. But only in the last year when my girlfriend introduced me to it. Been hooked ever since. I also have series 1 and 2 of the figures that I want to display, but haven't figured out where just as of yet.

DLS, it's my brother's turtle. He's just seeking refuge until we find a place where my brother's stupid dog won't try and snack on him...again.

Dann, the top two are A/C, bottom 2 are heat. The whole upstairs apartment is a new construction, so the builders just ran the vents for everything up a middle common wall, so that's what I'm stuck with. Unfortunately, it eats up a lot of valuable wall space.

The next thing to go in will be a 5'x2' wall grid that displays my blaster collection. That will go under the star wars posters. Hopefully, I'll have that by this coming weekend.



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I've learned that, in general, you should keep swords and katanas close to the floor. That high shelf isn't the best place for them.


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Wow, great to see all the movie posters together like that...I'm impressed. Han blaster display is cool too...the wood backing gives it a nostalgia, like a revolver from the civil war. Love the Marmit figure lineup. May I ask who the girl is in the photograph between the two Holy Marys? Nice gun display although it's a more raw kind of display compared to the rest of the if the guns are ready to be taken off the rack for use :D




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Hey Sl, Thanks:D.

I hate to think about it, but that one shelf with the marmit figures is (or was) worth close to $600.

The girl in the pic is Kate from "Lost". The Mary statues, heroin (brown sugar, before anyone calls the police :lol) and Kate's wanted poster make up my meager "Lost" display. There aren't many props from the show to begin with. I'm still looking for the black and white rocks if I can ever get a decent pic.

The guns are locked, cocked and ready to rock should any evil forces decide to try and enter the ol' homestead :lol

The Solo blaster is the first prop I ever made and I decided it needed it's own special display. So there it sits, mounted high above everything else.



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It looks good and all, but I don't know if I'd keep unsheathed swords balanced right above your computer like that. Aren't you worried the display could tip over and slice your neck open or something? I just read about a kid who was killed from a sword on his wall that fell off.


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Thanks Guys :).

The computer desk is secured to the wall via screws and brackets and the sword stand is secured wall using fishing line and eyehooks. If it falls after all that, well then there'll be one less member, I guess ;)

Looks pretty sweet. Nice how you are displaying some of the nicer "toys"... 12" Biker Scout, Marmits, etc along with the high end props. Love the blaster rack you have mounted low.


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I would also like to decorate a whole room with props...
But my girlfriend would never agree. :cry

Now my complete collection is set up in a big closet :eek :angry


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Thanks guys :D.

I had to show a lot of restraint when decorating. If I were to put up everything I wanted to, I'd need a small warehouse to diplsy it properly. I could just stack tons o' crap everywhere, but then noone would get to enjoy any of it.

Actually, my girlfriend only tolerates it because I decided to keep the display clean and well defined. It doesn't hurt that she's in to movies and arts and crafts herself, so she understands.

We have a deal though, when we get a house, I get to decorate the the theater room, the rest of the house is hers. All about compromise.