My latest RTV Ghost Trap from Ghostbusters: Afterlife

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Having just finished moving from California, I found a spare Disguise-brand stunt trap in my stuff. I decided to convert it into another RTV-style Trap.

The Trap was already modified from when I first got it, with a new paintjob and the side vector plate modified. I used a spare battery door from the Spirit Traps so I could cover the more inaccurate CAL-R resistor, and with some fake welding cosmetic covering, I attached an actual CAL-R resistor to the side on the modified vector plating. I made a new panel for the right-side panel knob, since it was actually missing originally, and added a spare vintage knob I had that I felt looked close enough, at least better than the stock molded one. I cut off the larger inaccurate knob on the left-side panel, and covered it with a proper Raytheon teardrop knob. I added some socket cap screws throughout the whole assembly, covered the actual screw holes with aluminum paint, and weathered the whole thing.

I used the same 1/14 scale R/C dune buggy, but I slightly changed how I mounted it. I screwed in the Trap, using the holes that were already on the R/C base, but instead of hot-gluing the front down, I wrapped two cable ties around the front pegs, and super glued them in place. Helluva lot more secure than before. I also repainted the suspension rods and springs to match the film, black rods and red springs.

I wanted the trap to have some proper electronics this time around, so I wired up an LED to the toggle switch for the red indicator light, and threaded the wires through a hole in the bottom of the trap in order to connect it to a battery pack for 3 LR44 batteries. The battery pack is tucked into the R/C base, easily accessible in case the batteries need to be changed. I went with USB rechargeable flashlights this time for the headlights. Much easier than trying to unscrew a battery compartment to replace the AAA's.

I absolutely love making these, and I definitely plan on making more soon, especially since Halloween is close, and Target usually sells the Traps around this time. I finally got a 3D printer, so I'd love to remove and scan the right hand panel so I can print replacements, without the molded knob and resistor, making it a lot easier to attach them without chopping up the original. I'll probably be selling this particular Trap on here, once I figure out the logistical nightmare that is shipping it. :lol:

What do you all think?


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