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Dug this old Walmart Ghost Trap shell out of a box of failed projects, and decided to try and repair it enough to use it as a stunt version for a belt hanger.

I replaced some missing screws, used an old plastic medicine bottle cap to replace the big black knob (I didn't have a tear-drop knob), and added a spare v-hook from the ones I swapped on my Haslab Pack. I also gave it some hot glue "welds" to try and hide the seam, and weathered it with some silver and black spray paints.

The pedal is very simple and inaccurate, but I wanted the trap to have the cord coiled on my belt. I decided to also add an L-bracket to the front of the Trap for a similar look to the prototype prop, which has a piece of similar-looking metal to hold the cord.

I wanted the trap to have some life to it while I trek around with it on Halloween, so I stuck in some RGB puck lights and Poly-fil to diffuse the lighting. Mainly I want it to look like the Trap is leaking energy with the doors shut, similar to how it looks in Afterlife.

This is by no means an accurate or even good Trap replica, but I think it should serve me well for a quick walk around town and photographs on Halloween. I'm gonna try and take the salvaged board I took out of this trap, and put the electronics in a Spirit-brand Trap, so I can still have a pedal-activated replica.

Ghostbusters stuff_traptab.png

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