Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire proton pack and props

The Afterlife pack was more inline with the original 83 design by Stephen Dane in my opinion. Kirsten Franson did an incredible job on the Spengler’s proton pack and the inside of the cyclotron. (AF wand not so much)

This FE pack doesn’t look great to me. It’s unbalanced and bottom heavy, esp. with the yellow “cyclothong” bumper. Looks toylike when the original proton pack looked sinister and dangerous.
I agree with that statement. Although I do understand that they need to change things to keep up with the times. My all time favorite design is the AF pack as well, coupled to an 84 wand. The FE pack looks a bit gimmicky and the thrower looks too over the top now in my opinion. I loved the inside of the AF pack that Franson did, I wish there were interviews with her or more info on how that came about.

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