1. MattBryce

    Ghostbusters Proton Pack Bubbling Tubes of Slime

    Hi all wanted to share my "unique" (maybe) idea I had for a proton pack add on with tubes of bubbling slime. there's a video of it wired up to the pump and bubbling away on my instagram here: Login • Instagram having trouble finding a pump though that isn't super loud due to the vibrations...
  2. BlackFeatherCre

    Ghostbuster (1984) - Terror Dog Puppet (Build Log)

    Intro: This thread is supposed to document my attempt to recreate a passable replica of one of the stop motion puppets of the terror dogs used in the OG Ghostbusters. This was a very fun and educative project. It involved a lot of blood sweat and tears but I am very pleased with the end result...
  3. Indy Magnoli

    Interest Ghostbusters Boots by Magnoli Clothiers

    Here's our initial prototypes. There are a lot of little tweaks we're going to make for the final run though. I'll post updates here as we get closer to finishing these. Stay tuned! Kind regards, Indy
  4. A

    Matty Collector Ghostbusters Neutrino Wand

    For sale Matty Collector Neutrino Wand Like New In Original Boxes with instructions as seen in pictures The wand looks new and in perfect working order only taken out from time to time to check on it. Has never been used to play with or displayed always kept inside original boxes The wand is...
  5. Ned Figglehorn

    Ghostbusters Afterlife Sequel (Firehouse) GB4

    I was at Ecto-Fest yesterday where Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan announced the Sequel to Afterlife! Working title is "Firehouse" so what are your thoughts? I am super excited for the future of Ghostbusters!
  6. TheNerdyDad

    Ghosbusters Proton pack build problem

    I have been on multiple forums and I can't seem to figure this problem out. I have seen a lot of gatekeeper communities where there are specific answers and tricks about a proton pack assembly that people don't want to give away and I am hoping that this site's community is different. I have...
  7. Rhett J Martin

    Done / Completed 'Ghostbusters' and 'Ghostbusters 2' Paper Props Run VIGO ADDED! $70 SHIPPED

    Hello Gang! As promised last week, we're ready to start taking orders for our new and updated 'Ghostbusters' paper props! We haven't released these since 2016, long before the 4K release. We've since compiled new images, grabs, scans, and on and on over the last two years, and recently got...
  8. Kylash

    Limited Run Ghostbusters: Afterlife Resin cast Aztec Death Whistle

    See the full build thread here Hand sculpted for accuracy and cast in dyed resin. 1:1 scale prop made following the same molding, casting and painting methods used on Adam Savage’s original...
  9. 13doctorwho

    The Jason's Ghostbusters Costume

    With Hasbro releasing an awesome Proton Pack at a reasonable price it was time to start a Ghostbusters costume to go with it. Everything is off the shelf, with minor adjustments for fit. The only thing I really need are the accessories that go on the belt. I've been looking on Etsy for holsters...
  10. Ned Figglehorn

    Mack's Factory Proton Pack Build!

    So back in March of 2021 I acquired a Mack's Factory idealized proton pack shell and since then I've been eagerly awaiting the release of the other idealized parts so I can get this thing finally strapped to my back! Unfortunately the wait has been agonizing as the only idealized parts released...
  11. Galifreyscall

    My 3D printed Proton Pack build

    Evening everyone! This is my first proper build thread here, so I'll try to do my best. Ever since I first got into the franchise, I've wanted a full ghostbusting uniform; with a Proton pack at the top of the list. Now I dont have the $500 give or take to shell out to buy one; but what I do...

    Accurate scale Ghostbusters 1 Ecto Goggles

    Hi, I’m working on an accurate CAD Model for 3D printing Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles. There are some really nice ones on Thingiverse for example, but I think it can be a little bit better. I’m looking for someone who has the true measurements of some real night vision googles used in the film. Bye...
  13. DaBuild

    GHOSTBUSTERS Afterlife : Hasbro Neutrona Wand mod!

    Hello people! Everyone's excited for Ghostbusters Afterlife? Here's my latest build video. It's the Hasbro Neutrona Wand UPGRADED! New wood grips, brass parts, Aluminum tip, hardwares, massive weathering and a bunch of little things to make it look.....more.....BETTER! Cheers! Dan
  14. LoTone

    Ghostbusters Post Stay Puft Battle Uniform

    Hey, I'd like to pick the group's brain for a Ghostbusters display I'm doing. Has anyone here ever put together a post Stay Puft battle uniform version? I'm trying to find a 'Stay Puft' like substance that will hold/stay. I can't use food or shaving cream. The food would spoil or just wouldn't...
  15. Rhett J Martin

    Interest 'Ghostbusters' Ecto Goggles 2022 Run

    Hello RPF! I'm happy to offer the Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles from the first film again for 2022's convention and Halloween 2022! Check out the features: -Lenses built from measurements of correct Laborec microscope...
  16. DB537

    Interest Ghostbusters ECTO 1 & 1A Prop License Plates from Original Maker - 2022

    This thread is for interest in a possible group order of screen-accurate 'Ghostbusters' ECTO 1 and ECTO 1A license plates. If you want the alternate ECTO 1 plate or the ECTO 2 plate, both as seen in the second movie, these will also be available by request. These are full size 12" x 6" US size...
  17. JP10 SD

    Recreation of Boomerjinks Ecto-Magnum

    Several years ago, I was in high school and instead of focusing on what I was being taught,I was following Boomerjinks thread on this forum. I was fascinated with how he turned a Dodge Magnum into this sweet Ecto-1. He took that car across the country several times and did so many fascinating...
  18. MattgomeryBurns

    $16 Proton Pack?? $15 Ghost Trap?? $12 Ecto Goggles?

    Well this is absolutely insane. Most likely stripped down versions of the Spirit stuff, but a helluva cheap base to start modding.
  19. Iskelderon

    Real Ghostbusters PKE Meter (my second try)

    Hi! This is my second try at a Real Ghostbusters PKE Meter and I can still count the number of props I didn't just print/sand/paint on one hand, so it's still pretty rough. You can see the first attempt from 2017 in RGB-inspired PKE Meter and that one was sadly lost during a move to a new...
  20. K

    Ghostbusters Afterlife "Spirit" Proton Pack

    Hey all, it's been a while. Wanted to share my budget "Afterlife" pack I have been working on. Picked up one of those Hasbro plasma series wands last fall and figured it needed a pack to go with it. a few more tweaks might be needed but I'm really happy with how it turned out. The design...
  21. MattgomeryBurns

    NECA Life-size Slimer rerelease

    NECA has announced pre-orders for their life-size foam Slimer. This is the one with the screen accurate butt cheeks :p This is where things get interesting... Entertainment Earth has it listed...
  22. FSURobbie

    Scratch Built GB1 Proton Pack (Image Heavy)

    Hey Everybody! I wanted to share the progress I've made on a scratch built proton pack I have been working on since the GB: Afterlife trailer dropped in January. I have wanted a proton pack my whole life but don't have the funds to just go out and buy one, and I have never been quite brave...
  23. coffeehedake

    Ghostbusters - Ecto-1 Misc Parts

    Hello all, I had some folks on Facebook asking about certain odd parts for the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Roof rack, which ended up turning into doing a couple other parts. I'm giving away the STL files for the 3D printer folks that are interested. Roof rack heatsink: Avionics control panel...
  24. Usagi Pilgrim


    Can someone tell me the color of the leather for accurate belt key fobs? I've checked the threads here & looked at the pics from the Ultimate Visual History book, & checked my 4K disk, but my eyes are too far gone to tell if it's black or dark brown. Thanks in advance.
  25. Spikespiegel998

    WIP Scratch build proton pack

    First time poster, long time reader. So I’m a big fan of ghostbusters, I fell in love with the movie when I was 15 and my goal in life was to own a proton pack but I didn’t know how. Years later I got into cosplay and found out there’s a whole community of people that I loved the movie as much...