ghostbusters 2

  1. Ned Figglehorn

    Ghostbusters Afterlife Sequel (Firehouse) GB4

    I was at Ecto-Fest yesterday where Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan announced the Sequel to Afterlife! Working title is "Firehouse" so what are your thoughts? I am super excited for the future of Ghostbusters!
  2. Galifreyscall

    My 3D printed Proton Pack build

    Evening everyone! This is my first proper build thread here, so I'll try to do my best. Ever since I first got into the franchise, I've wanted a full ghostbusting uniform; with a Proton pack at the top of the list. Now I dont have the $500 give or take to shell out to buy one; but what I do...
  3. DB537

    Interest Ghostbusters ECTO 1 & 1A Prop License Plates from Original Maker - 2022

    This thread is for interest in a possible group order of screen-accurate 'Ghostbusters' ECTO 1 and ECTO 1A license plates. If you want the alternate ECTO 1 plate or the ECTO 2 plate, both as seen in the second movie, these will also be available by request. These are full size 12" x 6" US size...
  4. Indy Magnoli

    Limited Run Ghostbusters Jumpsuit (3 versions) by Magnoli Clothiers

    Available for purchase here: Paranormal Jumpsuit by Magnoli Clothiers Black undershirt also available here: Paranormal Shirt by Magnoli Clothiers __________________________________________________________________________________________ ORIGINAL POST BELOW...
  5. T

    Matty Collector Ghost Trap Value?

    Hello! So around 2013 or so, I bought a Matty Collector Ghost Trap on eBay for around $300. The ghost trap is easily one of my favorite movie props so I got really excited to put batteries in it and play with it. So I did, but I made the mistake of leaving the batteries in and they corroded...
  6. Shc0088

    3D Printing Slime Blower from Ghostbusters 2.

    For the past 3 months, off and on, I've been modeling 3d-printable parts to help build a Slime Blower from the Ghostbusters 2 movie. Been helping a local group build this and the test prints came out great. I even designed the gun parts where it would fit a 4" PVC pipe to help save time from...