My Builds: The growing of an eclectic collection

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Here is the new drone.

Left or right: V2, V3

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Besides the biker scout blaster mod, I have a other things waiting in the wings.

I bought this Dameron blaster on Etsy. Very clean print. Not much of any clean up required.

I found a file for the Princess Bride goblets online. I thought it looked pretty good. I changed the scaling upwards to match the sizing of the real found item. These will be a gift for my daughter.

This is not a project, I bought this comlink finished from Etsy. I have been want to add one to my collection for a while now.
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Finally had time an a good day to put the GLIE-44 blaster together. Prettty nice for a 3D kit. Probably could have dealt with the print lines better with a few more coats and sanding off filler primer but I really wanted to get this done. The weathering hides most. Really happy with my paint color choices. I was able to fine some good images where the main body is darker. So I used an aged bronze which looks pretty good. It might be similar to the real prop as I saw in some of the photos I took of my replica that in the right light appears more toward a silver tone.

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A few years ago I bought a 3D printed case for my fan made Sabacc deck. It was just black plastic. At the time I just used an old brown paper lunch sack to cover the surface and did a brownish rust weathered paint job and put the deck inside.

A few days ago, I was messing with my Sabacc display and realized the deck was very tight inside and it took some time for me to safely remove the deck. I determined that I would not to use the box anymore and even considered throwing it away. But I had an idea…

The first thing I did was to finish the case. I never got around to adding the gold inlay, so I painted the inlay and weathered it. Next, I had the idea of making a faux deck of card since the box was only for display anyhow. I decided to 3D print the deck as a single block at really low resolution so that It would have very visible print lines. For once, print lines would be my friend. Once printed, it was just a matter of a quick rubbing of black paint on one edge, and I was done with my display deck.

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All right, where is the poison? The battle of wits has begun. It ends when you decide and we both drink, and find out who is right and who is dead.


Finally finished the goblets. This was the first time I used the brush on two part smoothing resin. I tried mixing it with a silver powder coloring but you could still see the white plastic. The smoother worked pretty well but I still decided to do a layer of fill primer, steel wool the, silver/aluminum rattle can, and black acrylic for weathering. Very happy with the final results.

I would like to 3D print an iocane powder tube using my wood filament but I would have to do it with Tinkercad as it is the only thing I use and it’s pretty simple. But the tube is pretty simple but not sure if I can figure out the right sizes.

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Nothing major, just a five minute paint project:

Got the Black Series Rey Lightsaber today and I love it…. Especially at 40% off.

The biggest issue I had with the BS Rey was the plastic looking emitter doors. I took care of it with some black and brown acrylics.



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On last paint modification. I pulled back on some of the dark paint to reveal the brassy/gold color of the part as I am told that color is accurate but still enough to let the details pop and reapplying dark burnt look at the emitter door tips. I think I’m happy.


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