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Thanks you scottjua for getting me a non-mystery chunk So I could upgrade my V2.


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just an update to show off the googles with a much more accurate cap.

I recently sanded off the white paint from the rubber gasket To remove the loose flakes. I had hand painted the area but I am considering trying spray paint instead. Kind of looks cool as is but not sure I’ll keep it.


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Once again... why isn’t anything ever easy?

After years of just leaving well enough alone, I decided it would be cool to add a logo to my Rogue One rebel soldier helmet.

Trooper_trent made me a great stencil..


So I went to put it one an noticed that everyplace the rubber band hit or the items under the band seemed to be marred...



I’m not sure how to describe it. The paint did not come off. There is nothing on the items I removed. It is more like the items ate away at the shell. Either way, I need to repair it.

I am going to sand down the area and repaint. If there are some scratches left, that’s oky, I just want to get the finish even again. But once I am done, I may not be adding the band, box, and rods again as I do not know how to prevent this from happening. I fear it may not be a paint issue but something with the plastic the shell is made from.

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So I didn’t have to redo the entire shell. I sanded the surface through the acrylic black wash down to the petroleum (green/blue) coat. Got most of the marring look removed. So I just redid the black wash.

I then used the stencil and used Rustolum spray Tuscan Sun yellow. After it dried, I weathered the insignia with some sandpaper and added a black wash of acrylic black. I still want to add a matte clear coat but here it is.


I either want to find a better band or will modify the one I have.

Thanks again to Trooper_trent for the great stencil. Very easy to work with.

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I replaced the two wide bands with one single simple rubber band I had laying around. I wish I had another. I think the other ones were too tight and it was screwing up the shell.

After taking photos today, the marring on the shell was more prominent than I thought. At some point in the future, I am going to have to sand the affected areas to get rid of them. The other thing I need to do after looking at on screen images, is add some more bare metal weathering.

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So a new chapter in my prop building life has started... I got a 3D printer for Father's Day.

Most of these are files from Thingiverse with some exceptions.

Here is what I have done so far...

Some pendants I made for myself and my daughter. I made the adjusters o the Rose version.

imperial credits

Kyber crystal rack

Beskar ingots

idealized pilot ID plate.


Little nub that fills in the odd open spot of the activation switch of this Savi (Galaxy's Edge) hilt.

Halo Cortana chip variants for my son.


Jurassic Park III 3D printed raptor resonance chamber.

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Not a prop replica but I felt the need to 3D print something and found this mythosaur skull pendant online. I reprinted the adjusters I designed for the Tico pendant to add some character.

The actual item looks a lot better than this photo. In person, the print lines are not visible. I also distinguished the look between the skull and the horns. One the skull, after I weathered it, I went over it with high grit wet auto sandpaper and some polish to give it a slight luster.

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I have been playing with an existing Thingiverse design that can hold the Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystal and tweaking it. You can see my remix of the design here…
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A couple of recent 3D printed prop replica projects. Both are future gifts for my kids. Both are files found on Thingiverse.

The first is a blade plug I made for a hilt that will also be a gift for my daughter.



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I got some wood PLA filament for Christmas and wanted to test it out so I reprinted the japor snippet.

As printed...


With sanding, paint details and polishing....



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