Mandalorian S2 multi-barrel blaster


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ok so what I have is the entire body for a Sedgley signal pistol mark 5, with a redone barrel part since the original pistol's barrel is a weird shape, then they basically chopped off the front of an mp40 starting from the barrel nut and removed some small parts of it so it looked cleaner. The other parts like the sight on the top and the attachment that holds it to the blaster are unidentified as of now as far as I know but they may be custom parts that were made by the prop masters


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An MP40 nut is too large, I have the original barrel nut version here and other folks have the sedgley - I'm afraid they custom made that part


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Same. I wish these guns were mass produced again even if it was only for a short while
i think them using old guns brings even more lore, and interest to the pistol community. i would have never googled this, or found any interest in these old guns if it wasn't for star wars

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