Mandalorian S2 multi-barrel blaster


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Correct me if I’m wrong but we haven’t seen it appear yet (out of his holster) in the first 2 episodes right ?


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Do these look found-part or all custom machined?

Mr Mold Maker

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I just (mostly) finished one of these up today funny enough. Did my own thing on the paint, wasn’t too interested in replicating the show finish. I do have to do some small stuff like paint some little brass accents on the scope and give it a light overall pass of weathering but I’ll have to do that some other time.

This was made with files from Outer Rim Workshop on Etsy. I highly recommend them, they’re wonderful.


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I love the concept art but a small gripe I have is that the blaster looks like it’s bending down but I’m pretty sure that’s just from the flare gun that was used

Mr Mold Maker

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Also MrMold did the blaster come to you as an FDM or a resin print

That finish is incredible. Any tips on how you did it?

Thanks. The blaster was printed by myself on my Elegoo Saturn resin printer. I probably should have spent more time sanding it but I only had two days free to finish it.

I based it out lightly in Alumaluster over gloss black for a “black chrome” finish then shot some transparent colors over it. I used a blue, a yellow, and a red. The mix gives it greens and purples here and there that look really cool moving it around in person.
Like I mentioned though it’s not even close to accurate to what they did for the show. The real one looks more like a lightly metallic black or gun metal with some silver dry brushing and a brown wash.


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It does look incredibly beautiful. Newly issued!

I am still hunting to see if that's a found scope. The stupid red dot on the front reminds me of M38A2 scopes and this could be a red dot sight or prism

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