Limited Run Luke Shared stunt Version Lightsaber ( Run Full )

Jedi Dade

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Got mine the other day and just got to putting it together. This saber is awesome. The Craftsmanship, fit and finish of the parts is second to NONE...worth every penny.

Just ordered the Circuit board (that's what I get for not reading the thread carefully) and will snap some pics after it arrives, and installed.

Jedi Dade


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I ended up redoing the clamp on mine. I felt that I made the holes a bit large last time. This time I went up to a 1/4" bit which I feel is more accurate. I also peeled away some tape where the nick is on the real deal. I made a new clamp card but wasn't satisfied with the results. Hopefully I'll try again later in the week.

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I picked mine up from the Post Office at last this weekend. It's undoubtedly a fine piece of kit, although I was sure I was getting a polished one rather than machine finish. And there's some residue inside, is that copper-grease or something to stop it binding on the threads?


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I didn't have you down for a polished one, I'm sorry. The black stuff is from the aluminum and copper. When they drilled the holes the machine sprayed water and didn't dry them out come to find out, But I used a tooth brush and some polish to clean mine out.


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Man been trying for about 10 mins, any tips on getting the copper apart from the neck and emitter? (apart from taking the screw out)
Ha got it, I wrapped my rebel helmet inner tube around to get some extra grip, Man who knew my helmet kit would be so useful.
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If you still can't undo it after removing the set screws, the next thing I would suggest is a soft rubber wrench like this. After that, use channel lock wrenches with rubber paddings. Good luck.
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