Large scale Millennium Falcon Kit ID's**New Maps at start of thread**

I am new here. Actually, I had a membership many years ago but forgot the account. Anyway.....
I saw the studio pics of the MF. Is there an (easy to decipher) list of what has been id'ed and what still needs to be identified? Looking through the pics, there are a bunch of parts that I can that I can possibly ID if they havent been already. Just dont feel like burning hours of time going through threads to see what is left to ID.

Just looking to help if I can.

Hey Guys !
How are you?
I search this ID's kit part of tank
, but I don't find it -_-
You know this ? please
Probably Nichimo 1/35 Jagdtiger, since that part was on the Y-wing and castings of some of its details ended up on the Falcon.
Hi guys !
I realized this little list, which lists the different kits used for the Millenium Falcon 5 foot.
Some kits are not used, they are needed for other models Studio Scale.
Do not hesitate to make your remarks, modify it, share it here, to help, those who like me, dream of building it.
Sorry for my bad english: /


  • liste FM SS.pdf
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Please see the following Tamiya 8Rad parts missing from the part maps.


  • MF001_Docking_ring_13_Starboard_zps8f075474br8rad.jpg
    4.1 MB · Views: 725
  • _MG_4323br8rad.jpg
    10.6 MB · Views: 769
  • _MG_4319br8rad.jpg
    10.3 MB · Views: 703
  • MF011_Front_V1b.jpg
    11.5 MB · Views: 672
  • MF015_13_Port_waist_zps8941cc05.jpg
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And more Tamiya 8Rad parts missing from the part maps.
Part listed as #22 on MF027_12 is unfortunately not from the 8Rad kit.


  • MF019_12_top_port_rear_pit_zpsa74e5a1b.jpg
    779 KB · Views: 745
  • MF019A_11_top_port_fwd_pit_zps1b5e7932br8rad.jpg
    845.9 KB · Views: 652
  • MF020A_11underside_stbd_fwd_pit_zps454dfda0br8rad.jpg
    553.7 KB · Views: 515
  • MF027_12_underside_fwd_zps0bc9b08ab.jpg
    6.4 MB · Views: 562
He Sparky, I originally thought that too but doesn't the Bandai 1/48 have the engine cover missing from the top deck.
See pick of Bandai 1/48 King Tiger bellow.

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 10.21.58 pm.png

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