KOTOR: Sith Acolyte


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Hey there everyone! I figured with such a big place like RPF I should finally make an account so I can always show what I'm working on and get guidance when I'm in need versus just going to only specifically aimed places.
I've been active in the cosplay circle since the early 2000's but I never really got heavy into it until around 2014 when I met up with some Halo cosplayers back home and began the long tormenting path of building my own stuff.
It wasn't until 2017 though that I officially joined the groups like the 501st and Rebel Legion though and began to really enjoying it.
Then in 2019 I moved somewhere far away and got restless finding work so I bought a kit I'd been wanting to do for a long time which was the KOTOR Sith Acolyte from Mynock's Den and Vader's Vault.
It took about a week to find time to pull it all out and clean it up...I had a pretty large portion of it ready to go for painting and strapping but I finally found work during that time and things fizzled out....along with gaining significant weight from stress.

Now here we are in 2023, I had finished an old ODST suit from Sean Bradley and beginning some much needed vacation time and looked for a project to do to chill me out...here we go, Sith Acolyte!
I began by pulling out everything I could find and going over my list of the parts making sure everything was accounted for...it'd been 4 years since I last touched this kit and was pretty sure I was going to be missing stuff caused by the move. Sure enough I had lost 4 parts, 2 side pieces that went to the boot armor, and the 2 pouches that went onto the belt. Truthfully that bummed me out, missing just 2% of what I needed was pretty depressing but that's life. I actually have some 3D-Props.com's stuff for a KOTOR Jedi build I wanted to do a couple of years ago but never had the time due to my printer always being on the go. In this case, since the parts are similar to eachother I figured I'd go with that.
There really wasn't a lot left to do on this, minor trimming and fitting before painting so I began on the most tedious of them all which were the knuckles for the hands. Took a good hour and a half to cut and clean up. The original directions said to use hot glue to mount them to gloves but I felt it was entirely messy and they could pull off in time and go missing...didn't want that.
so I went with small strips of heavy duty velcro and it's worked fantastic since!

The paint job has been using Rustoleum's matte gunmetal followed by a light coating of metallic silver...I think it gives it a nice sort of oxidized look when I pull it off just right,
not to silvery, and not too dark.
Currently I'm at the thighs and boots which are the most problematic. Since I'm a larger guy the thighs aren't going to go on as easily as I'd like....I have to add about 3 inches of shims to get them to wrap around me which is difficult. It's taken over 24 hours just to try and get the shims to stick on with the epoxy and they're not working as well as I'd like.
So that's where I'm at for now....

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