1. shenphong

    Star Wars FS: SWTOR Jedi or Sith Acolyte Imperial Surplus Armor

    Hey folks, selling my SWTOR jedi kit from IS that I bought a year ago from another member here. Armor is complete and unbuilt, comes with 3d printed pieces for the belt as well as a mask and ab plate to convert it to the sith acolyte build if the user wishes to use them. Never going to get to...
  2. dragonwind2000

    Sith Acolyte WIP

    Hello RPF denizens. I've been lurking around for a loooong time and finally decided to register...and to post a WIP thread. I've been making things for years, from a Full-Scale r/c R2-D2 to giant Lego heads to halloween costumes for me and my kids. More lately, I've become a 501st member and...