1. trvann

    Darth Maul Bust

    1:1 Darth Maul Bust (maker unknown) has glass eyes. $525
  2. BlackFeatherCre

    Darth Nihilus mask sculpt feedback!

    Hi Guys, This is my first sculpt of a Nihilus mask. This is the first time I tried sculpting something from a franchise. I would LOVE some constructive criticism. What could I improve? What needs to be better? PS; The plan is to make a mould and cast it. Would anyone be interested in buying a...
  3. joevader

    My GH ROTJ Vader helmet kit WIP

    Hello. I just got this gorgeous GH ROTJ helmet kit from Tony Le. I'm going to trim, adjust the dome skirt a little, paint and finish this bad boy. I'm thrilled to share this journey. Cheers! (y)
  4. D

    Starkiller sith stalker armor

    hey guys ive been looking to buy or make the sith stalker armor from star wars the force unleashed. looked everywhere and the only pieces i could find was the helmet and a bit of the armor. also found wickedarmor but he doesnt seem to make it anymore. does anyone have tips on how to start with...
  5. mrg149

    Painting EVA help

    I am trying to paint some EVA foam Belt pouches to make them look like aged black leather. I've created, sealed and painted the initial layers but neeed help with colors for aging/weathering. Please advise!
  6. Jake Kassnoff

    Sith Wayfinder

  7. joshthememelord

    Does anyone have a KOTOR Sith Trooper helmet .pdo?

    I'm having some trouble finding one.
  8. C

    Sith Acolyte

    Hi everyone! I’m new here and I wanted to know if you know where I could find pepakura for Sith Acolyte so I can make it in Foam Thank you
  9. dragonwind2000

    Sith Acolyte WIP

    Hello RPF denizens. I've been lurking around for a loooong time and finally decided to register...and to post a WIP thread. I've been making things for years, from a Full-Scale r/c R2-D2 to giant Lego heads to halloween costumes for me and my kids. More lately, I've become a 501st member and...