Jumanji Game Board replica - 15/05/13 Update - Board Edges

Very great work !!! I want to start my own replica of this game board but i have a question about the magnet effect.

In a thread you tell that you put some strong magnet. Have you made a vid of this ?
Love this build, your friend is very talented!

It's all inspired me to start my own Jumanji board project. Does anyone have any theoretical methods for displaying the animations within the central dome?
Although I'm sure an old smartphone could be used under the dome, howlrunner was pretty clear that wouldn't be in the plans....not that it couldn't be in yours, or won't be in mine if (when?) replicas are made available.

GREAT work howlrunner, and please pass our compliments on to your carver pal!!
Haha unfortunately thats about as much as i know too. You might have to hook up an arduino and code it so it turns on and plays the video with audio
:) Yeh i have been reading about arduino, does seem to been like an option. I'd only fancy the video of the logo to keep things simple. Could even be a GIF... Trouble is i don't know if the screen or arduino board would handle it. My friend is a programmer so I will discuss with him and report back.
Or even if you find an old cheap mobile phone, take the guts out of it and keep the micro sd card port and screen and motherboard and load it onto there
While we hope Howlrunner's build is going well, here is the progress I've made...
I've not had any carving experience so I'm taking it nice and slow.
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