Jumanji Game Board replica - 15/05/13 Update - Board Edges


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OK, so in September last year, my Jumanji game board was started and I posted updates in another thread (not one that I started). I thought it might be a good idea to start a new thread (so I can update it easier and alert people to updates in the title) and post the latest.

Original thread and work in progress on the top of the board can be seen here: http://www.therpf.com/f9/jumanji-movie-board-game-replica-95153/index2.html

So just to show that this project is not dead (just been progressing slowly) here's the latest....

The top of the board is hand carved (with wood chisels - no dremels here) from Brazilian mahogony by a talented friend of mine. Since the last update in the old thread, I have cut it slightly smaller to match movie dimensions better and have carefully cut it along the middle seperating it into two halves:


But now there's much more progress. :cool






The bottom (new) game board piece has again been hand carved by my friend, this time from MDF. Next step is to varnish it to seal the surface properly.

I plan to make the central dome from a section of an acrylic hemisphere and will try to make the brass (?) ring that goes around that in 3D to be 3D printed.

My friend has also been sent photos of the 4 animal game pieces (rhino, croc, monkey and elephant) which he will hopefully be able to start work on soon. :)
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Re: Jumanji Game Board replica

I followed the original thread pretty closely. Doesn't the board have some pretty intricate vine or brambles or something on it in the movie?
Re: Jumanji Game Board replica

The one that you're thinking of with the intricate vines/brambles is the one below. This is one of the early prototypes and is very different from the finished board seen in the movie:



Here's the finished board that actually appeared onscreen (very different):



And here's a comparison of my carved board with the movie board:

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Re: Jumanji Game Board replica

Nice work.Looks really close to the screen version.I have this movie for my Sony PSP.Look forward to seeing the finished piece!
Re: Jumanji Game Board replica

Looks amazing, im really wondering how your going to do the center piece!

I was wondering the same thing. Hopefully it lights up somehow, snowglobe style so it seems to have that mysterious and kinetic feel. Many ways to go about it, I guess, but you have an eye for SA detail. I can't see anything out of place. :cool

I spy a little white button on the face of the board. Anyone know the function?

I want to say it was the locking/unlocking button. But not 100% sure.
Re: Jumanji Game Board replica

Cheers guys, he's certainly done a great job carving everything. :thumbsup

The little white button on the side of the board is theoretically the lock/unlock button for the swing-open top. Or at least it was originally going to be when they designed it, but they discarded it's use in the actual movie, instead opting to just have the top be pulled open and fasten closed with strong magnets embedded in the rim of the lid, just under slivers of wood.

Haven't given a lot of thought to the central section yet. However, as the inner game board piece is actually raised an inch or so from the bottom of the box, there is theoretically space to put in electronics. It would be very cool if there was some kind of mini projector that could be fitted in there which rear-projected animated Jumanji text onto the dome!

And yes, eventaully the idea is to offer casts of the top of the box, board game piece, and the 3 game tokens. The rest should be able to be constructed from wood/MDF/styrene. It will eventually happen (fingers crossed).
Re: Jumanji Game Board replica

And yes, eventaully the idea is to offer casts of the top of the box, board game piece, and the 3 game tokens. The rest should be able to be constructed from wood/MDF/styrene. It will eventually happen (fingers crossed).

All fingers crossed :thumbsup

May I suggest that before you assemble it completely, to cast the whole shebang in its individual components, and offer the complete piece as a kit :)
Re: Jumanji Game Board replica

A kit of ALL the pieces would probably end up more expensive than people would be willing to pay - I figured that offering the hardest parts (i.e. top, board and game tokens, and possibly game token section covers) would probably be best, and other parts can be made from cheaper, locally available supplies by the buyer. But I'll consider a full kit. Don't worry, nothing will be permanently put together until I have everything to make the complete game (hence why the top section is still unpainted even after being in my possession for months - I can't wait to paint it, but probably not a good idea to paint it before molding it). I'm sure I'll post up various options in the eventual interest thread in the Junkyard, but until then, we best keep the sales talk out of this thread. :)

So anyway, I've not been sitting idle, I took the game board, scanned it and from that, I've used Sketchup to model the inner ring (I needed a scan to work from so that the spaces in the ring match up exactly with the game paths):



NOTE: They appears to have used a few slightly different inner rings in the movie. Some appear fairly flat, whereas others seem to slope upwards slightly from the outside of the ring to the inside. My model is based on the latter option.

This will be printed by Shapeways in matt antique bronze metal, and HOPEFULLY it will fit perfectly (I've measured eveything 3 times!).
Re: Jumanji Game Board replica

Howlrunner... the metal will shrink 2-3% from your model! I hope you know that, or read this before you order!
Re: Jumanji Game Board replica

Man that's beautiful!

Your woodcarving friend does awesome work!!
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