JFcustom's FOAM files


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You'll want to go straight to the foam for a good hold. I usually don't even coat the interior of armor pieces if it's not intended to be visible from the outside.


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With velcro, like ATTICUSSER said go straight to the foam, any other coating can weaken the strength. This will sound like overkill, but I buy the 3m self-adhesive velcro (heavy duty or industrial strength). On the foam, I still use hot glue to attach the pieces (peel the adhesive backs off too first lol)., gluing both the back side and running akind of a weld seam around the edges once it's stuck down. Otherwise the self-adhesive can pull away from the foam.
It will work fine with non-adhesive backed as well, I just buy the sticky stuff because I use it for other stuff too.

Last, the heavy duty and industrial velcros do a REALLY GOOD JOB of holding, to the point that you can tear your foam at the attachment points when you pull your seam apart. So, I use more velcro than I think I need, and then trim off hooks from the 'male' side (usually at the center) until the sides pull apart how I want.


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hi there! is there any chance or way i could download the blue beetle mask temple you did im working on a costume and id love to use ur template and ill credit ur name when i make the mask. thank so much.


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Download the file by clicking on the underlined file name.
.Pdo files are to be opened with Pepakura Designer 4.You can download that free software from the Tamasoft website.


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you would usually build the helmet entire then cut out the back section, this way the two pieces will line up perfectly when worn, use neodymium (rare earth) magnets to attach them together, there are lots of tutorials on youtube
Thanks. I wish I knew that before I threw the back part out.


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Does anyone know how to get the proportions for someone that is 5'5 for the War Machine MK I me and my friend are supposed to go as Iron Man MK I and War Machine MK I. And if you could also send a tutorial on how to build stuff off Pepakura that'd be great. Thank you.


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You can scale files in 2d menu in pepakura designer 4.Measure each limb/body part separately and scale accordingly.
For tutorials on how to use pepakura you can either do a search on youtube or on the forum.
Good luck with your projects and I'm looking forward to your Costume Build Thread


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I've seen a lot of requests for it...

User ZombieGrimm on deviant art has the Male Nightingale armor, as well as a NUMBER of other skyrim files.

Edit: Seeing as how deviant art is a p.i.a. to get anything from... Page 36 of the thread titled "Skyrim Pepakura Files" BY Zombie on the 405th forums contains the indvidual file links to 4shared for the male Nightingale armor.

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Hey JFcustom, I have your unfold of Dancin_Fool's Iron Man mk 3 files, but I was wondering if you have a file for the whole suit? I want to build mine as close to 1:1 proportions as I can but it looks like all of the files are different scales (for example, the helmet is scaled at 0.9, the boots are 40 and the torso is 1.65) :unsure:

Are these scales relative? Would increasing the size of both the helmet and the torso by 10% keep them both relatively scaled? The last thing I want is to spend months building a suit and find out that it has a bobble head, or that the thighs and shins are a different scale and can't be joined at the knees properly.

Thanks very much for your help. :)