JFcustom's FOAM files


After a basic but effective five-days-built Iron Man Mark IV, I wanted to improve and share my speed-building technics to allow everyone having kids and a full-time job to be still able to build a full foam suit in far less than a month. And it begins with releasing some suitable *.pdo files.
By suitable I don't mean at all that the other guys who unfold for foam should better drop their work right through the gogs. Not at all. By suitable I mean that the templates below can only be used under certain restriction of material :

at first you must use some foam mats, or foam roll, or whatever else, much larger than a common paper sheet. Then, you may use some cheap foam, because these templates generate a impressive amount of waste. And at last, the more your foam is flexible, the more easy will be your build. This point depends mainly of the thickness of this foam. I would recommend somewhere between 5 and 10mm. I use 7mm.

The way I unfold allows each curve and bulge-shaped effect to be obtained without the need of a heat gun. It has occurred that these templates work fairly well with corrugated cardboard, and also, through proper tweaking, for aluminium panels.
But if you plan to use some sheets of foam of one square foot, or one inch thick, or almost unbendable, you won't be able to use these templates. About flexibility, here's a quick illustration of what you'll often have to do with your foam (yea I know, it's paper on the photos, but it's only an illustration) :

View attachment 870963 View attachment 870964 View attachment 870965 View attachment 870966 View attachment 870967

This thread aims to gather the models I've unfolded with both "foam" and "speed-build" in mind, as well as the tips that come along with the files. You may notice that some esthetical details are often missing, details like grids, holes, screws, notches, indentations... They have been removed from the templates to build faster, and are called to be added on your own once the armor part is built. Every missing detail can always be implemented afterward. The final shape remains unchanged, you won’t have any ‘more angular’ nor ‘more inflated-like’ body parts than with other files.

At the end we obtain some pepakura files with less and larger pieces, foam flaps for stronger and discrete overlap gluing, and in one word a better compatibility with foam shapeability.

Well at least I assume it is...


The files below are, and will remain, unlocked and shared freely for all to download and use, since they are used in the evident respect of legality. Do not go thinking so far that I'm plenty of buckets full of free time to work on these files, because it's not the truth at all. And in order to prevent my wife from strangling me, I promised to add this link.


For Iron Man mark 4 and 6 I robbed Robo3687's files, I stole the mark VII in DarkSide501st's pockets, and Dancin_fool has modeled the mark III. A big thank to you, without your work all of us would still keep saving the world in underpants.

If it happens you find here a(n other) file that is not fully credited, please contact me.

All male suits are default scaled for a 6' guy.

Here we are :

View attachment 870968View attachment 870969View attachment 870970
robo3687's Iron Man Mark 4/6 - unfold for foam by JFcustom.rar

I've colorized here where to connect the parts together :
View attachment 870971

And here, how I connected collar plates to the top of the back/chest :

View attachment 870972View attachment 870973

anyway, it's the way I did... The result is a one-piece torso that you put on just like a T-shirt.

View attachment 870974View attachment 870975
Iron Man mark7 by Karol Siemieniago - minor edit and foam unfold JFcustom.rar
Incredibly both movie-looking and simple to build.

View attachment 870976View attachment 870977
DarkSide501st's Iron Man Mark VII - v1.0 - unfold for foam by JFcustom.
I have to reedit some files from the beginning for this suit to be doubt-proof and fully workable. I'll should have join a readme file for this one, because I think that some tips need to be explain before you drive straight against the wall...
Note that gloves, brace, collar, collar plate, and neck are missing from MkVII package. You can pick them from Mk2, 3 or 4.

View attachment 870978View attachment 870979
EyeofSauron's Iron Man Extremis - unfold for foam by JFcustom.rar

View attachment 870980View attachment 870981
Iron Man Extremis v2 - foam unfold JFcustom.rar

View attachment 870982View attachment 870983
classic iron man provided by EyeOfSauron - foam unfold JFcustom.rar

View attachment 870984
Marvel, Zabanna, and BenStreeper's Iron Man Ultimate V2 - unfold for foam by JFcustom.
Link to the rar file in the post by CSM-101 (me) time stamped 02-18-2013, 02:25 AM

View attachment 870985View attachment 870986
Tribes Ascend - heavy armor - JFcustom foam files.rar

View attachment 870987View attachment 870988
Robo3687's War Machine - unfold for foam by JFcustom.
All included but heavy weapons. Helmet design by Stark1138.

View attachment 870989View attachment 870990
Iron Patriot by Jackieisrockin - foam unfold JFcustom.rar

View attachment 870991View attachment 870992
Briareos by C2/Lord Harnor/Dung0Beetle/JFcustom - foam unfold JFcustom.rar

View attachment 870993View attachment 870994
Guyver the Bioboosted Armor - FOAM edit and unfold JFcustom.rar
At last. Full from head to toes. The 6 tubes on the sides of the chest, as well as the spheres on the helmet are left to be freehanded.

View attachment 870995View attachment 870996
Predator - foam edit & unfold JFcustom.rar

View attachment 870997View attachment 870998
Cyberman - foam unfold JFcustom.rar

View attachment 870999View attachment 871000

View attachment 871001View attachment 871002
BSD's Rex PhaseII - foam ufold JFcustom.rar

View attachment 871003View attachment 871004View attachment 871005
Dancin_Fool's Iron Man MkII/MkIII - unfold for foam by JFcustom.
To go at simplest, every detail missing from the original model (grids, holes, screws, notches, indentations...) will have to be added manualy afterward by directly sculpting them into the foam. Please refer to Dancin_Fool's files or included ref pics.

View attachment 871006View attachment 871007
Vanquish ARS provided by Tumbucu1 - unfold for foam by JFcustom.
A huge painting work to make this one look good, but I think it can worth the time spent. The files in the rar may be updated without warning during the coming days.

View attachment 871008View attachment 871009
Thor - unfold for foam by JFcustom.
Helmet model by Dung0beetle, I don't know who created the other parts...

View attachment 871010View attachment 871011
Pepper Potts Rescue Armor - foam edit JFcustom.rar
Credits :
Back and torso modeled by Eirth @405th
Arms from a Halo mkVI modeled by Robogenesis @405th
Helmet is IM comic version from EyeOfSauron
All other parts provided by EyeOfSauron's Extremis suit.
All of these post-edited to fit a woman's body.

An overview pic here.
The suit is scaled for a 1m70 heigh girl. (ie 5'7")

View attachment 871012
Nightingale female suit - The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim - foam unfold JFcustom.rar

View attachment 871013View attachment 871014View attachment 871015View attachment 871016
Skyrim - Female Daedric armor - foam unfold.rar

View attachment 871017View attachment 871018
Snow White Armor - model and foam unfold JFcustom.rar

View attachment 871019View attachment 871020
Iron Man MK1 - cave suit.rar

View attachment 871021View attachment 871022spacemarine - foam unfold JFcustom.rar

View attachment 871023View attachment 871024Laputa's Soldier - 7ft tall display - foam unfold JFcustom.rar

View attachment 871025
S-CRY-ed Kasuma's arm - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871026
Rhinoc's predator biohelmet - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871027
Darkside501st's iron patriot helmet - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871028
TDK cowl - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871029
Batman Arkham cowl - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871030
Arkham Origins Batman cowl - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871031
DCU - Hawkman cowl - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871032
DCU - Fate helmet - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871033
DCU - Hawkgirl cowl - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871034
JFcustom's Arkham-Deathstroke.pdo

View attachment 871035
Injustice - Deathstroke Helmet - JFC foam.pdo

View attachment 871036
Guardians of the Galaxy - StarLord helmet.pdo - model and foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871037
Titanfall pilot helmet 1 - JFC foam.pdo

View attachment 871038
freedom gundam helmet - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871039
Landmate helmet - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871040
classic iron man helmet by EyeofSauron - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871041

View attachment 871042
Iron Patriot by Jackieisrockin - 13 - helmet - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871043
Multi-hero cowl - Blue Beetle pattern - model and foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871044
Wolverine cowl - foam unfold JFcustom

View attachment 871045
Rinzler helmet - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871046
Obito war mask.pdo

View attachment 871047
Embo hat-shield.pdo
About the thickness, you'll just have to add two or three circles of foam between the two layers to make it keep its shape, just like that :
View attachment 871048

View attachment 871049

View attachment 871050
Dark Vader helmet - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871051
Dredd 2012 helmet by Dung0Beetle and Blaxmyth - Foam edit and unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871052
Dwarf helmet.pdo

View attachment 871053View attachment 871054
Jango FETT helmet - foam unfold JFcustom.rar

View attachment 871055
Rocketeer helmet - edit and foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871056
Dr.Fate helmet - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871057
Guyver 3 helmet - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871058View attachment 871059
Yoda's head.rar

View attachment 871060
Dung0beetle's Spaceballs Dark Helmet - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

and the little prop that comes along :

View attachment 871061
Spaceballs - Dark Helmet's coffee cup.rar

View attachment 871062
BTTF Mr. Fusion - JFC foam.pdo
Mind the scale before printing.

View attachment 871063
Daft Punk - Cama900's GuyMan Helmet - Foam edit and unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871064
Daft Punk - Dung0Beetle's Thomas Helmet - Foam edit and unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871065
sg - shoulder cowl base.pdo

View attachment 871066
sg - woof.pdo

View attachment 871067
sg - chirp.pdo

View attachment 871068

View attachment 871069
christmastree - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

Few accessories that come along with the Predator suit :

weapons :

View attachment 871070

View attachment 871071

and trophys :

View attachment 871072
human vertebra.pdo
Build several ones with a slightly changing scale to get a realistic full spine.

View attachment 871073
(almost) human skull.pdo

View attachment 871074
View attachment 871075
Alien head - provided by Movieman - foam unfold JFcustom

And to both solve the issue of the lower eyes that happen to bulge way out, as described here, and improve the details of the ears area, here's an enhanced unfolding version of Sharkhead's Iron Man Helmet :

View attachment 871076View attachment 871077 View attachment 871078

View attachment 871079View attachment 871080 View attachment 871081
Also Labsic's Mk8 helmet - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

View attachment 871082
Loki Helmet by KaiserLee - foam unfold JFcustom.pdo

Tip : at the horn gluing stage we have three loooong pieces to snap together. To be sure to obtain a well curved horn, you may want to face them up first and glue them point by point, this way :

View attachment 871083

This process should be applied to glue correctly any long side in general.

You may also applie these process if needed : thin the foam on the gluing area, or plainly cut up your pieces of foam without caring about the dot-lined overlap you'll see on the pep files. Illustration :

View attachment 871084

The dotted lines along the borders of the paper templates are here to delimitate
- the real outter side of the suit (in grey)
- the strip that will recieve glue and will be overlapped (in blue) by another piece of foam.

If you're using your 12mm foam, by thinning the blue area you can act like if you were working with some 6mm foam, or you can also completely remove this blue edge depending of the method you plan to assemble your foam pieces.

I've been asked if I had used some 2, 3 or 5 mm when building Sharkhead's helmet, in fact it was some 7mm foam. The illusion was due to the fact that I used several ways to snap the pieces of foam together, depending of the rendering I expected at the surface. Low, medium, heigh, and progressive step :
View attachment 871085
Gluing pieces side to side will probably be less strong, but will it be not strong enough ? I can't say. No dammage here so far.
One simple thing also is you don't have to mix the dotted lines that represent a mountain or a valley, with the dotted lines that delimit a gluing area. But it might not be much harder on the templates than on the picture below :
View attachment 871086
In case of doubt, always refer to the 3D view of Pepakura viewer... :)

I've also been asked to show the way I translate the dotlines from the paper patterns to the inner side of the foam pieces.

We assume a suit is always symetric, we have only one paper template (let's say it's the right side one) and we are at the point we've already managed to cut up two mirrored foam pieces from it.
View attachment 871087

So, here I lay down the right paper template over the inner side of the left foam piece. With a pen I punch a hole at every strategical point, in order to locate the placement of the lines.
View attachment 871088

When removing the paper, I see the dots my pen made.
View attachment 871089

From them I can draw the same lines onto my foam.
View attachment 871090

Now, I flip my paper mask and lay it over the other foam part, the right side one.
The printed side of the paper is hidden, I can't see my dot lines anymore but I don't care : I still have my previous dot holes. I use my pen once more to mark the placement of these holes.
View attachment 871091

Here I am. Now I can bin my paper pattern...
View attachment 871092

...and trace the lines on this second and last foam piece.
View attachment 871093

My printed lines are accurately transposed, I can cut my hills and valleys...
View attachment 871094

To fill the remaining gaps, and unexpected valleys, and overall every 'factory-dammages', I don't think any sandable product can go well. Because foam is flexible, and something you can sand is not. As a result your join will keep on breaking at every bending. I've successfully tryed a simple and common alternative : the silicone bathroom mastic-glue-gun.
View attachment 871095
It sticks, it fills, it's slick and smooth, and it can be shaped. The only thing is you must paint it or primer it with any spray you want before it's dry, or nothing will further hold on to this stuff.


If it's your first step into foam, I suggest you to try your hand on this realy quick and and quite simple Cap' helmet :

View attachment 871096

Howto :

View attachment 871097

After having ticked "print alignment marks for multiple pages" in "setting / print setting", you can print your pages. Then, cut away the top and left margins of each of them, and then tape all of them together to obtain a laaarge single page.

Then, cut out your paper pieces just like they are.

If these pieces are too large for your foam hight or width, you'll have to choose between cutting your piece of paper in smaller parts to match your foam sheets size, of seaming multiple foam sheets to obtain a single and large enough foam sheet to match your paper piece size.

Step by step :
Be sure to set A4 or Letter properly, or you'll run the risk to print outside the paper.
You should tape the sheets before cutting the patterns :

1. print your sheets
2. tape your sheets
2.1- match the alignment marks

View attachment 871098

2.2- tape the corners

View attachment 871099

2.3- tape the whole meeting sides

View attachment 871100

... and only then you can cut up your masks. This way you can instantly notice if something's wrong before cuting and before taping, and It prevents both hazardous taping and multiple pieces parts spreading.

3. cut your paper masks
4. cut your foam from the masks
(OR gather 3 and 4 by laying your paper upon your foam to cut both at the same time if you can, you'll save time)
5. you get less and bigger foam parts, you save gluing time, and less junctions means nicer curves an inproved "anti-aliasing".

Now, tips.

Classical cardboard peping is fantastic. Cut all of the pieces, glue them as shown on pepviewer, and from Gabon to Peru you'll get exactly the same shaped armor part.
Foam peping doesn't goes exactly the same, since you use an elastic and springy matérial you can actualy not fold so easily.
However it can be bent and stretched as you like, and it has a practical thickness !

Sharp cutting and clean gluing will make the difference between Iron Man and Jabba the Hutt. So here are some simple tips I used (glue is blue) :

Cut all your foam parts first with no particular angle, some quite right angles would go well, and then, only while assembling, you can adjust inclination edge after edge.

The idea :
View attachment 871101

The practice :
View attachment 871102

The result (don't ask, yes it's another piece) :

View attachment 871103

It's simple as possible : each time the surface of the armor makes an angular outward inflection (not a simple curve, but an real palpable angle), you must make the angled cuts.

View attachment 871104

View attachment 871105

Shaping mountains and valleys :

You'll often have to give a shape to a single piece of foam in order to decrease the amount of seams. This will help a lot :
View attachment 871106

I've been asked many times for a detailed howto, so here are the steps to follow :
To make a valley, the only trick is not to cut your foam from side to side. Your blade should never cross the outer side of the foam piece.

1- draw your valley with any pen on the inner side of your foam piece,
2- cut along this line by an angle of 90° in a single pass, without perforate the foam,
3- fold your valley to its desired angle,
4- apply glue inside the notch,
5- wait...
6- release, it's done.

Making a mountain is nearly the same, but you have to make a double cut, in order to remove a long toblerone-shaped piece of foam.

1- draw your mountain on the inner side,
2- cut on either side of this line by an angle of 45°, more or less depending of the desired salient of your mountain, each cut in a single pass, without perforate the foam,
3- remove the toblerone, and apply glue inside the notch,
4- fold your mountain to its desired angle,
5- wait...
6- release, it's done.

View attachment 871107

If you flunk, don't panic : re-heat the cold glue so you can inflect the angle.
The most important thing is to keep your blade damn-sharped !

And before you ruin your WM, I suggest you could pactice with waste foam pieces... until you're self-confident.

forcing a curve :

View attachment 871108

And here are some close'ups of the way I use the overlaps to build quite cleanly most of a suit's parts. Here, a back part.

View attachment 871109 View attachment 871110 View attachment 871111 View attachment 871112 View attachment 871113 View attachment 871114

No this picture hasn't been photoshopized, and yes I use a common glue gun :

View attachment 871115

strengthening rotating joins (glue is used as standalone) :

View attachment 871116

Many of you asked me the way I get net junctions and how I could glue pieces together without any glue overflow. In fact, there IS always glue overflow... but not outside the suit.

bad -> View attachment 871117

good -> View attachment 871118


A quick example of the cheapest pivoting juncture ever :

from a plastic bottle
View attachment 871119

spare all parts
View attachment 871120

cut the bottleneck this way
View attachment 871121

glue the ring inside the border of a round hole in the upper foam piece

View attachment 871122

glue the bottleneck trough a second hole in the lower foam piece
View attachment 871123

and reassemble the same it primarily was.
View attachment 871124

Screw the plug back, you're done.
View attachment 871125 View attachment 871126

Depending on the thickness of the foam, once screwed it may jam.
In this case the trick is to cut out few millimeters from the bottom of the cap :
View attachment 871127

That will release the tightening.
And if the plug stands out too much for the smooth design you expected, cut out a ring from the top of the neck too.

my cheapest operational ARK reactor for moneyless

- you need -

An Evian bottle bottom, 2 inchs height :

View attachment 871128 View attachment 871129

One of this kind of pics, of your choice, printed on the thiner paper you can find, cut along the dotted, and then oiled for a better transparency :
View attachment 871130

View attachment 871131 View attachment 871132 View attachment 871133 View attachment 871134

View attachment 871135 View attachment 871136 View attachment 871137 View attachment 871138

A 80mm white round reflector, as you can find at the front of caravans or trailers (keep only the transparent part, of course, but better is to specify it however) :
View attachment 871139

A led(s) push-spot
View attachment 871140 View attachment 871141 View attachment 871142

and a roll of tape
View attachment 871143

- HOW TO -

Fill your bottle's bottom with
1. pic of the ARK, printed side turned down,
2. reflector, rugged side down, slicky side up in front of the leds,
3. led spot, lights turned to the reflector
4. cross tape your bottom's bottle to keep all inside in place.
5. Insert the thing in your chest, it fits perfectly, and holds alone.
View attachment 871144

Push, it works.
Price : 2$

In a similar spirit, have a look at Freaklord's Cheap Iron Man Repusors, that are well worth to be referenced and earn to be quoted.

Joining articulated
(and also some sealed) parts :
I used to work as graphist in a publicity agency, and we had always somewhere in the office a couple of useless and sun-faded color charts.

View attachment 871145

And ?
And I kept thinking that the potential of these pretty little plastic juncture clips were heavyly underexploited.

View attachment 871146

So I ordered a pack of 100 pieces, as it almost doesn't costs anything.

View attachment 871147 View attachment 871148 View attachment 871149 View attachment 871150

You can find some here or here or here or here... of various shape, color, diameter and thickness.

View attachment 871151 View attachment 871152 View attachment 871153 View attachment 871154

And I promise you some discret and incredibly easy attaching for mobile parts (knees elbow toes...) as well as sealed parts such top chest, flaps, handplates, spin and so on... depending of the pressure when cliping.

Those discrete flat-headed rivets on my kneese are very handy and efficient. But they can not be unfasten (except by using barbarian way). Once cliped, you only have to chose between : you leave it alone, or you clip it harder. The axis is toothed so they act just like you car's hand brake.
Coke caps are easyer to find, and can be unscrewed. And to quote Jonny, "the botte neck is quite wide so it's less likely to rip the foam".

Might be a good alternative to the clips I use (and maybe available in the US ?)


How to sharpen a blade.

You're allowed to disbelieve : I use the same blade since april. I'm a tightwad... :lol

If foam by itself is able to blunt a blade, then something as soft as foam may also sharpen it. The main trick is NOT to take an aggressive nor fierce material. No whetstone, no grindstone, no polishing Dremel tip, not event the thinest sanding paper... Something just like Death, in "Reaper man" from Terry Pratchett, is sharpening his scytheblade using wind and moonlight until it can even cut a conversation.

Sharpener multipurpose SANSON cristal - Precise and fine sharpening
View attachment 871155

A single and light pass, your blade slides between two tungsten slabs, it takes half a second, and then it cuts better than when it was new.
It's not a joke.
It really cuts better than when it was new.
5 years guarantied.
It makes my life a thousand times easier. I don't know how I could do without for so long...


ArmorAsylum video(s) :

Well it's me, in fact... on ArmorAsylum channel

Cullen Cosplay video(s) :

He's one of us. If you don't recognize his face, you'll recognize his work ^^
Aside the flowers he sends me, he shows and explains for real how to use foam along with the templates available on this thread. Trust it's much more efficient than reading 50 pages. Keep tunned on Cullen Cosplay channel...

i cant download the photos, whats going on??
I think you're better off downloading bigger pictures than the images shown with the costume files.But if you still want to, the same principle applies: right click and "save target as"
Paper test; I'm glad it fit after all this tedious work:
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I can not get any files to download from page 1... are they still available?
Hi all. back on RPF after a looooong absence.
I had a similar issue when downloading files (I lost all my old pep files when an old laptop had a terminal HDD failure). I was using the Chrome browser which seemed to keep blocking the links, so I right-clicked the link, selected "Copy link Address" and pasted it into an Edge browser (also worked with Firefox). I hope someone finds that useful.
Are the stormtrooper pepakura files somewhere in this thread.....????...or does anyone know how to find them...??

Looking for the full armor, not the helmet
I found this to be a decent library:
Another source:
Closer to 'home':
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I found this to be a decent library:
Another source:
Closer to 'home':
I'm looking for the OT Stormtrooper files....
Eventhough it's an awesome concept and I definitely appreciate the existing files, a word of caution for those of us planning to use the Pepakura "Nanosuit 2" files;
I paper-tested the limbs belonging to that model and could fit mine in there twice. You might want to consider stretching a 3D file of that particular limb/armor part first in Win10 "3D Builder" , then open and unfold in Pepakura Designer. Obtaining a file doesn't automatically mean it's your posture, just because you scaled it to your body height.
These are fictional postures or so I've learned (Thank you for teaching me this, laellee )
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Finally finished my (4th) modified (paper test) leg from the Nanosuit:

Despite making it thinner, the calf is still the size of a balloon and mine can swim in it, so I will have to unfold and scale it separately (unless it's for Marvel's Rhino, then big is better). At the same time I already know I have some extra space in the knee, so to me that's just a matter of tucking in the (bottom of the) thigh/knee as to make it stay in place.To be continued...
George can you get away with sectioning the back of the calf? Maybe cut a strip out of the back (like an elongated pie-cut) to take out some of the mass in the calf? Could be a quicker solution :cool:
laellee thanks for your suggestion. I would resort to it if not for the asymmetry of the model which will cause the model to warp in an attempt to reclose the sides. I would then have to freehand the sides to match eachother, which could pose a problem and above all wouldn't make the model any prettier:cautious: Let me gather my thoughts...
Thanks again
I took the liberty of smoothening the surface, enhance abs, sculpt and add obliques, and finally unfold Nanosuit so it can function as a general musclesuit (credit for this model goes to MyllaDinX) rather than a specific concept (therefore boots and helmet are not included):
Limbs have been stretched in Win10 3D Builder to comprise 1,5x the size of one's own limb rather than 2x. Still buff, but not a caricature. Torso needs a check around the waist (don't we all); I couldn't close my torso-paper test shut, so perhaps freehand/extend the existing bottom-middle part.

Enjoy and may it help (new) cosplayers on their way.


  • Custom Nanosuit (by MyllaDinX).zip
    1.9 MB · Views: 123
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So I finally unfolded and zipped all parts of this mannequin/3D model to make a muscle suit from:

Credit for the 3D model goes to xAct (my gratitude)

I myself have been searching for ages to find that suitable posture, but every 3D model I found 'posed' a problem due to its superhero-like build. This new model should help many people well on their way. Enjoy


  • Mannequin (by xAct - from Hand Simulator).zip
    2.7 MB · Views: 118
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