I'm not the Obi Wan you're looking for....


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Any one else notice in the Don Bies video tour of the LF Archives https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFqnqWJ1shs
that it's Steve Austin a.k.a the Six Million Dollar Man in the Landspeeder model?

Love it!!!

Since SMDM ran from' 74-78 I am guessing it's an original figure used for the model ( hoping no one would notice?) and not a replacement figure for a now lost Kenobi figure that was in that land speeder?




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Yeah I had noticed it along time ago, he was faster, stronger, a bionic obi wan. Hey wasn't that the sound the 6 million dollar man made when he jumped " oooobbbbiiiiiwwaaannn"?


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Yah! The model shop just found a toy that was about the right size and dressed it up. No sense spending money on sculpting a figure if they didn't have to.

I used a Rowdy Roddy Piper wrestler figure as the driver of a miniature van in a DHL delivery commercial years ago for the same reason. We thought it was hilarious!
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