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Hi everyone. I was just curious to know your thoughts, as fellow prop builders, what your preference is to work with: resin or vacuform plastic? In particular, when building the Star Trek Mark X Science or Medical Tricorders. Forget for a minute, if you will, what is more screen accurate...that is to say which one was actually used for the screen props. I'm asking what you prefer to work with and why. Now, I know that some of you may shoot me down for favoring the resin kits over the vacuform kits. But, I am a firm believer in the "whatever works best for you" theory. For me, it's the resin kits. Having, myself, built a few resin kits and just completed my first vacuform kit, I can honestly say I am behind the resin kits 100% for quite a few reasons. However, before I share them with you, I'd like to see a few arguments of your own for both. Can't wait to read!

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