star trek deep space nine

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  1. Kelvington

    Star Trek DS9 Uniform With Undershirt, Jacket and Trousers XL 40" x 27"

    This is a great Cosplay (now called WonderPlay) made Star Trek DS9 uniform, it comes with an XL Undershirt with Captain's rank pips pressed into the fabric, A zip up Jacket and 40" x 27" black trousers similar to the ones created for the series. Lightly used and dry cleaned. Shipping is $15...
  2. PickleRick

    DS9 Blood Sample Hypospray

    While I'm waiting on paint to arrive, and while I try to figure out the correct hypospray colors for TNG and DS9 hypo versions, I've decided to get an extra Stapleton hypo kit and try to convert it to the blood sample version used by Bashir to screen for Changelings. From what I can tell, it's...
  3. RocketProps

    Star Trek Jeweler and Prop builder presenting and auctioning off molds in Boston MA, Sept 22, 2019 Along with a replica of Quarks bar built by myself! We've all seen Maggie's work: from the iconic championship belt worn by Rocky Balboa to the Everlast chastity belt in "Men...
  4. 3

    Worf's Baldric (Sash) from Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine

    So, after a lot of research I finally gave in to making Worf's baldric! I recorded the entire construction process in a 2 part series and plan to continue on with making the additional items and costume to become Klingon! :) Episode 1 - Episode 2 -...
  5. S

    AMT Defiant. A Tough Little Ship...

    Well, it took me a wee while to do...17 years to be exact!! I know..I know..I just never got around to it. But i finally decided to complete my AMT Defiant. When I stuck it together all those years ago, I didn't really have access to lighting, hence why it's not lit. I wasn't about to pull this...
  6. L

    Tricorder Repair? Mark IX Some lights and sound stopped working

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a reliable place that can repair my mark IX tricorder? Some of the LEDs and the sound are not working. There's too much going on inside that little prop for me to go poking around. I asked them ( and they have no recommended repair service...
  7. Vincent V

    Any Star Trek liquor bottle ideas?

    I needed to come up with some Star Trek themed alcoholic drinks for someone's birthday recently and found it incredibly difficult to find glass bottles that even remotely resembled anything I remember from the shows. Has anyone found reasonably affordable options for recreating classic Star...
  8. CottonFX

    Issues/questions with Alclad II Black Gloss Base

    Hi everyone, I am by no means an expert painter.. but I have recently decided to try the Alclad II brands of paints to achieve some polished metal finishes on a star trek prop that I am building now. Yesterday I did my first attempt at applying Alclad II black gloss base so that then I can...
  9. J

    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Panels - Free

    Hello RPF, I'm not a collector but I'm a fan of so I know about the RPF and that there are collectors out there. I live in Burbank CA and my neighbor was selling these panels in a yard sale. She said her son worked on Deep Space Nine. This kind of thing is not at all uncommon in...
  10. Jake Kassnoff

    USS Daedalus Scratchbuild

    Made a model of my favorite ship that never appeared on the show!
  11. Marc Wagner

    Star Trek TNG/DS9 PADD w/ Interchangeable Screens

    I've been working on some PADDs for my Medical Kit and Engineering Kit. I made wooden forms which I molded in silicone to make resin copies. I placed a magnet sheet into the mold where the screen is so it would be embedded in the unit. I made different screens which I laminated and attached...
  12. wasili

    Greg Jein's K7 Space Station

    Hey guys and gals, Here's a project i've been working on, on-and-off, since 2009. A studio-scale recreation of the K7 Space Station miniature, originally build by Greg Jein's talented team, for Deep Space Nine's fan-favourite episode, "Trials and Tribble-ations". This rendition of K7 i favor...
  13. gmprops

    Done / Completed Star Trek FC "Boomerang" Phaser Electronics Upgrade

    NOTE: THIS IS A LIMITED RUN OF 10 KITS Special RPF price of $115US each shipped PayPal ID: Here is a limited opportunity for you to upgrade your Star Trek: First Contact Boomerang Phaser prop replica with state of the art electronics. These electronics have been designed...
  14. Snarkticon

    Star Trek DS9 Weapons Locker - Progress Thread

    Good evening, all! I've been planning on building a replica of the DS9 Weapons Locker for a while and just got started tonight after getting a box in the mail from Stapleton13. First off, here's what I'm going for: This particular locker was seen in the Season 4 episode Hard Time, but...
  15. T

    Star Trek Medical Scanners from Voyager & DS9 First batch what do you think?

    Hey Thanks for looking if your reading this, these were machined by a Aerospace Engineer and hopefully available soon I didn't really have a lot to go but thank fully the engineer quickly sorted them and made me a batch of 9 I am a big fan of Stapleton props and own a lot of them. I bought a...
  16. Montagar

    Show your Star Trek props!

    Show your Trek props.
  17. gmprops

    Interest Star Trek Voyager PADDs with Working Lights & Sounds

    Hi Everyone! I am sure many of you remember the run of Voyager PADDs I did a couple of years ago right here on The RPF. Well, guess what? They are back! A few months ago I partnered with Walker Enterprises out of the UK to do a few projects together. One of these is the Voyager PADD with full...
  18. T

    Star Trek TNG & DS9 Padds, Just picked up first set. Build, Graphics, Questions etc

    Hey Trekkies I'm a huge trekkie and with the help of a friend i got 2 types of Padds from Local laser cutters. I picked up a big sheet of 3mm acrylic & got it cut in to sections for the local laser cutters to fit in there tiny machine I sent the 2 designs in and got email to say they were done...
  19. W

    Klingon costume accessories

    so I am putting together a Klingon costume, debating between a traditional warrior uniform, as established in the motion picture, and more of a civilian look. either way I am starting with the accessories. First up, here are the spine plates I purchased from Katarra8 on ebay/etsy. amazing...
  20. W

    My Klingon disruptor pistol

    My first prop build. I got a gorgeous Resin Disruptor kit online four or five years ago, unfortunately I cant remember who they are to give them credit. :( I worked on it a bit, but didn't have the time, space or tools to get very far, however my situation changed, and the re-release of the...
  21. dmccan2

    Star trek: Ds9/voy “24th century-style backpack

    Hello, I am trying to find a backpack similar to the one seen on DS9 (Below) I have included the link to the posting as well. any help would be greatly appreciated!
  22. V

    Limited Run Star Trek Voyager Small PADD

    The current kit cost is $40 and includes the following: 1 top plate, 1 mid-plate, 1 bottom plate, 1 high quality decal sheet with clear gloss finishing laminate, and assembly instructions. Kit Details: The plates that make up the PADD are laser cut from black Plexiglas. The decal sheet will...
  23. B

    Star Trek PADD Finished

    I haven't build props in years. It's just one of those things that I stopped doing because there were so many other ways to spend my cash. But a few weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine who own a laser cutting business. Turns out a client had placed a fairly large order of PADD's and then...
  24. littleewok

    Star Trek PADD question

    I've recently been fiddling with trying to make templates of various PADD's. Everyone online seems to be mentioning templates made by Matt Munson. But everywhere I look online the links to those templates seem to be broken. Does anyone know where I can find the templates of any or all PADD's...
  25. C

    USS Defiant 1:1 Digital Model Build - Full Detail

    I am working on a digital version of the Defiant studio model at full scale, as in full size Defiant not studio scale. It will include every detail present on the studio model plus a bit more, including shuttle bay with shuttle and escape pods. I will be using this to produce scaled down...

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