star trek first contact

  1. gmprops

    Limited Run Star Trek TNG "Boomerang" Phaser Electronics

    I am doing a small run of 10 sets of electronics for the Boomerang Phaser. The electronics are designed to specifically fit the Stapleton Productions body kit, Roddenberry kit, and a number of 3D printed kits. These electronics have full lights and sounds that replicate the screen used hero...
  2. frostrubin

    T'Plana-Hath First Contact Vulcan ship

    New Star Trek project. The vulcan First Contact ship. It will be 3D printed kit like model. I'm still undecided of the scale - thinking about 1/144 maybe larger… The upper part with plating and details are done. Only the screen detail of the engine bells are missing. I'll do them when I hollow...
  3. Serenity

    Want to Buy Electronics for Mark X Medical Tricorder (Star Trek)

    Looking for some electronics (lights and sound) compatible with a Stapleton Mark X Medical Tricorder build with the scanner. If you have some you're never gonna get around to using, kindly send me a PM. Thanks!
  4. DB537

    Limited Run Star Trek TNG - Picard's 'Dixon Hill' Business Cards - SHIPPING NOW

    These are my new replicas of Picard's 'Dixon Hill' business cards as seen in S1 E11, 'The Big Goodbye'. Professionally printed. I completely recreated all of the card graphics using HD screencaps for reference. The cards have a matte finish and the weight and feel of a real business card. I...
  5. 3

    Worf's Baldric (Sash) from Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine

    So, after a lot of research I finally gave in to making Worf's baldric! I recorded the entire construction process in a 2 part series and plan to continue on with making the additional items and costume to become Klingon! :) Episode 1 - Episode 2 -...
  6. P

    Want to Buy Star trek stuff. Yeah, i said it.

    That's right, I'm a total sci-fi nerd and I don't even care. Interested in pretty much anything from TNG on... especially from Star Trek: The Experience (if you've got barware, we should talk). Let me know what you might have - I'm interested! -M
  7. L

    Tricorder Repair? Mark IX Some lights and sound stopped working

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a reliable place that can repair my mark IX tricorder? Some of the LEDs and the sound are not working. There's too much going on inside that little prop for me to go poking around. I asked them ( and they have no recommended repair service...
  8. CottonFX

    Issues/questions with Alclad II Black Gloss Base

    Hi everyone, I am by no means an expert painter.. but I have recently decided to try the Alclad II brands of paints to achieve some polished metal finishes on a star trek prop that I am building now. Yesterday I did my first attempt at applying Alclad II black gloss base so that then I can...
  9. A

    Star Trek Type 3b phaser rifle

    Hi All, I recently got my hands on a 3d printed type 3b for £130 but its not entirely accurate but thats not the sellers fault. The 3d model isnt accurate but from the multiple (and I mean alot) of images ive seen from screencaps it doesnt look like it would take too much (crosses...
  10. Mr. Nagata

    Star Trek: First Contact Spacesuit

    Another project I'm working on for the Vegas convention. First Contact spacesuits for me and my friend. Also my first foam fabricating project. The originals were vac-formed, but I'm making from foam to save time. I'll have some videos about this build up in the next couple of weeks on my...
  11. A

    1:1400 Enterprise E Decals

    Hi everyone. Would anyone happen to have a high resolution file of the decals that came with the round 2 model kit of the 1:1400 scale Enterprise E? In some of my early days of making models one of my attempts was the round 2 Enterprise E. In looking back i decided I wanted to update it and...
  12. gmprops

    Done / Completed Star Trek FC "Boomerang" Phaser Electronics Upgrade - SALE - LOWEST PRICE EVER!

    NEW RUN! I have 5 Boomerang Phaser electronics upgrade kits available for a limited time for $120 each (shipping is included). This comes with the rechargeable battery system. If you are interested in paying for one through PayPal just click here. Please specify in your payment: RPF -...
  13. CrimsonKitsune

    Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals

    Has anyone bought anything from I had considered one day purchasing their First Contact Phaser Rifle or the Particle Rifle II and wanted to hear from others whom had dealt with them.
  14. CrimsonKitsune

    Want to Buy Star Trek First Contact Type III "round nose" Phaser Rifle

    I'm looking for a good quality kit of the First Contact round nose phaser rifle variant, preferably hollow cast for electronics.
  15. Kureigu

    Want to Buy Star Trek Mark IX Tricorder Holster

    Looking for one of these which will fit one of the stapleton Mark IX Tricorder kits (i.e. as used in Voyager and the TNG films) Thought I'd ask here on the off-chance someone will know have one they are willing to part with, or know where to obtain one for a reasonable price! Thanks for looking.
  16. gmprops

    Done / Completed Star Trek FC "Boomerang" Phaser Electronics Upgrade

    NOTE: THIS IS A LIMITED RUN OF 10 KITS Special RPF price of $115US each shipped PayPal ID: Here is a limited opportunity for you to upgrade your Star Trek: First Contact Boomerang Phaser prop replica with state of the art electronics. These electronics have been designed...
  17. I

    Star Trek FC/Ins/Nem wall lighting feature / sconce / luminaire

    first of all I am new here, my apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place, I could not see anywhere specifically for Star Trek even in the popular franchises area, which came as a suprise to me I am hoping someone here could help me identify this lighting feature on the wall behind...
  18. Q

    star trek "film cells" for tricorder view screens

    Hi all. any thought on where I might obtain star trek related transparent film/cells - of a technical nature - planets, stars, ship, geo survey etc. for use in the "view screens" of my tricorder props which have electronics/backlights. I am new to the prop building community. Should have...
  19. O

    Star Trek TNG era movie Isolinear board holder identifying troubles

    Hello fellow prop people I'm new to posting here so I apologise if I have posted this wrong. I recently acquired some replica Isolinear boards (the ones larger than the normal chips) and would love to display them / have them on my desk alla tng movie style I am having trouble identifying...
  20. S

    My 'Lil 'Ol Borg Princess

    Ok, so here it is. I'm not entirely sure this qualifies for this thread as it's not strictly a "replica" - It's my own design. This shoot was six months in the making and preparation. I made the costume, head prosthetics, the backgrounds - even the shoes myself! All modelled by the wonderful...
  21. Snow Builder

    Star Trek TNG First Contact Type III Phaser Rifle - Done (with pretty pictures)!

    Well, as usual, I've underestimated how long a build will take ;) I've been jonesing for a Next Gen Phaser Rifle forever and this weekend seemed like a good time to start (we had a nice warm spell). Hunting around on the interwebs seems to indicate the rifle is about 33" long, 9.5" tall and 2"...
  22. F

    Star Trek: First Contact - EVA Phaser Rifle

    Hello all, I was given an EVA Phaser Rifle from Star Trek: First Contact last night. It was cast as a screen prop but never assembled or painted. Unfortunately the scope is from a standard phaser rifle so I'll have to construct a replacement one. Another member of the forum owns a screen used...
  23. C

    Star Trek monster maroons with First Contact colors

    ​Hi everyone, It's my first post and I'm really hoping people can give a 38 year old first time cosplayer some advice. What I'm looking to do is take the monster maroon style uniforms and give it the color treatment of the First Contact uniforms. Here's specifically what I'm thinking: --...
  24. J

    1:6 scale Star trek props

    Hey gang, I have know Idea where to post this, so, feel free to move it. (Maybe one of the Modeling sections?) Ok, so I love props, but I love "toys" too, and I have been catching up, on some Star Trek items I have been wanting for years, and have just put off buying for far to long. I love...
  25. D

    Star Trek toy customisations: Playmates Enterprise-D & JJprise, Wesco Enterprise-E

    Hi there! I'm a new member here. I joined up because I've seen some incredibly impressive projects going on here. I've started a handful of projects, mostly involving Star Trek toys and models. I'm not at all experienced in this realm. I've tried to build AMT kits of the Enterprise-D...